‘Murder in the Woods’ is Coming for You This Week!

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Are you ready for a screaming good time?

The horror movie Murder in the Woods will be available starting September 18 to view on Video on Demand and Digital. The film’s release — which stars an exclusively multicultural cast — coincides with National Hispanic Heritage Month, which begins on September 15 going to October 15.

The diverse cast play characters in non-stereotypical roles, as the director Luis Iga Garza says: “I realized that this type of film had never been done in English for a mainstream audience, where Latinos and people of color are the leads, and they are not portrayed in stereotypical ways.” During the film, there are references to Latino culture as well. It is refreshing to see a movie that has not been whitewashed and has diverse characters in a token role. That emphasizes the importance of releasing this film during National Hispanic Heritage Month. It is genuinely influential.

A group of friends head out to a house in the woods to celebrate Chelsea’s (Chelsea Rendon) birthday. After running into some issues getting there, they begin to party. Soon after, strange things start to happen, and the carefree teens are picked off one by one by a mysterious killer as they fight for their lives. Little do they know that the house they are in holds dark secrets that connect some of the inhabitants. You can read our review of the film here. As a preview, here is a clip!


This film was directed/produced by Luis Iga Garza and written/produced by Yelyna De Leon, with music composed by Gerardo Garcia Jr. and Isabelle Engman. The talented cast includes Kade Wise, José Julián, Chelsea Rendon, Jeanette Samano, Jordan Diambrini, Catherine Toribio, Soledad St. Hilaire, and Danny Trejo.

You will be able to watch Murder in the Woods from REZINATE Entertainment and Yel Productions on Digital and Video on Demand nationwide starting September 18. If you want to know more about the film, you can go to their website and social media accounts, FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. You can watch the extended trailer for Murder in the Woods below.

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