‘Lucifer’ Musical Episode and Season Four Blooper Reel

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Image courtesy of Lucifer/DC FanDome

If you were looking forward to another musical episode of Lucifer, you’re in luck! The second half of season five will feature just that. The tenth episode, titled “Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam,” looks to be a fun episode.

Image courtesy of Lucifer/DC FanDome

The Episodes director, Sherwin Shilati, and showrunners/executive producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, joined DC FanDome in a panel where they shared a snippet of the cast singing Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust,” as they perform on a football field complete with a chorus of football players and cheerleaders dancing with them. The three also discuss making the episode, and all the work went into it. “You’ve got to have the story-based reason that everyone breaks into song,” said Henderson. 

“Our show has people breaking into song all the time, but it’s because they’re at Lux or because of reasons like that, so, one of the challenges is what element can we introduce that is organic to our story that allows all of our cast to burst into song. And when we found that, which I’m not gonna say what it is… that’s when it came together.”

While they won’t discuss exactly what it is, that makes the entire cast break out into song in the delightful sneak peek. Everyone seems excited about it. Shilati also talks about the final number of the episode, and Henderson hints that it’s a “beautiful duet.”

You can watch the hilarious blooper reel below.

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