‘The Legend of Vox Machina’: New Sneak Peek from Episodes 4 – 6

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Prime Video has given fans a new sneak peek of The Legend of Vox Machina new season two episodes! The first three episodes are already available to stream, and episodes four through six will release this Friday, January 27.

The nearly two-minute-long clip is titled “Nightmare,” and focuses on the character of Grog Strongjaw this time. We see Grog in a kind of battle arena, looking a little darker than we’re used to him being. Fans who watched season one or the shows predecessor Critical Role will recognize the heavy, two-handed greatsword in Grog’s hands—Craven Edge, the black, sentient blade that once belonged to Sylas Briarwood, one of the main villains for the first arc of the story.

“Grog! Grog! Grog!” the crowd chants as the goliath cuts bloody swathes through his opponents. Claiming his victory, Grog throws a fist in the air before reaching to retrieve his sword—only to notice the blade absorbing the blood of his foe. Shocked, Grog hesitates.

When he looks up again, he sees the bodies of his Vox Machina friends, strewn across the floor, felled by his blade. Pike, his gnome best friend, is the most heartbreaking: “Grog?” she gasps, barely clinging to life.

“No!” Grog calls out. He’s answered by a sinister voice from behind him, saying, “Yes! You’ve made the herd proud, Grog.”

Grog protests. As Craven Edge sucks in another drip of blood, Pike screams. “Why? Grog!”

With a gasp, Grog wakes. Vox Machina are sleeping peacefully.

Beside him, Craven Edge rests. “More!” the blade hisses, out in the waking world. Grog grabs the sword and peers fearfully into the reflective blade.

What will Grog do with the sword? We’ll have to watch the new episode to find out!

The Legend of Vox Machina season 2 is set to release in a similar pattern to the first season, with the first three episodes being available to stream already, and an additional three releasing every week until the exciting finale on February 10.

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