Entertainment Weekly Shows First Look At Sebastian Stan and Denise Gough’s New Movie ‘Monday’

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We all know how most romance movies work, the boy and girl fall in love in a few days and live happily ever after. But, have you ever wondered how those movies actually ended? Director Argyris Papadimitropoulos explores that idea in the movie Monday starring Sebastian Stan and Denise Gough.

In a recent article from Entertainment Weekly, we got an exclusive look at relationships’ reality, what really happens when the dust settles, and the honeymoon phase is over. Relationships can start off amazing and seem like it is too good to be true, but after the dust settles, the hardships and struggles of it all make themselves known.

image courtesy of EW/Protagonist Films

Papadimitropoulos says he drew inspiration for the film from his own experience in relationships and his friends to create Mickey and Chloe’s honest love story beginning at a party in the islands of Greece. Almost everything to happen in the film has also happened or is inspired by something in real life. He included a little bit of himself in every character, the good and the bad.

Knowing that most movie fanatics have seen the same happily ever after love story time and time again, he really wanted to portray an honest look at the true reality of how relationships can be. He wanted to stray away from the romantic comedy genre a bit and show the romantic yet real side of how these stories would truly end. The characters in the film develop more than just a true love lust for each other. They also develop conflicting feelings and have baggage, just like any average person would. Papadimitripoulous tells EW, “It’s great having an amazing weekend, but then Monday comes with a reality check.”

Image Courtesy of Protagonist Films

The director and co-writer, Papadimitropoulos, says he hopes everyone can see themselves in Mickey and Chloe, in whatever way that may take. He also says that working with Stan and Gough has taught him many things as they decided to improvise a bit of the dialogue while filming. Despite coming from two different positions in the world and in life, they managed to find their own technique of making the movie perfect.

The film has yet to have a confirmed release date, but we look forward to seeing what Monday has in store for us soon!

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