River Song Meets K9 in ‘The Diary of River Song Series Eight’ from Big Finish

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Image courtesy of Big Finish

Our favorite archaeologist is back for more adventures in volume eight of The Diary of River Song in which she will encounter robotic friends and foes!

The box set, nearly entirely recorded during the lockdown, will be released in January 2021 and will feature four new full-cast audio dramas with Alex Kingston back as River Song.

After meeting several incarnations of The Doctor and The Master, River Song will meet up with K9, The Doctor’s robot dog (played by John Leeson), the 24th-century war criminal Annam Henic (played by Derek Griffiths), FE-LINE, a robot cat (played by Tracy Wiles), The Mechonoids (played by Nicholas Briggs), and the android Rachel, who first made an appearance in the second volume of The Diary of River Song. Rachel is played by Salome Haertel, the real-life daughter of Alex Kingston.

Image courtesy of Big Finish

Jane Slavin reprises the role of Anya Kingdom, Space Security Service officer, who appeared in several Fourth Doctor stories produced by Big Finish.

The Diary of River Song Series Eight is directed by Ken Bentley and produced by David Richardson. The box set is composed of four new adventures:

  • Slight Glimpses of Tomorrow by James Goss
  • A Brave New World by Tracy Ann Baines
  • A Forever Home by Alfie Shaw
  • Queen of the Mechonoids by Jonathan Morris

The Diary of River Song Series Eight is available to pre-order from the Big Finish website as a four-disc CD box set and as a download.

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