Saturday, March 25, 2023

‘The New Mutants’ Tickets Will Go on Sale Tuesday

MOVIES'The New Mutants' Tickets Will Go on Sale Tuesday

One day after the announcement that The New Mutants would play in IMAX theaters, Regal Cinemas announced that tickets for the film would go on sale Tuesday, August 18. The theater chain is reopening August 21 alongside fellow chain AMC, who announced they would reopen on August 20.

The New Mutants will release in theaters and IMAX on August 28 as of this article. There has been some speculation that after the delay of Mulan (and its exodus to Disney+) that Disney/20th Century Studios would delay this film as well, but it appears the studio is full steam ahead on releasing the film. The New Mutants has endured many release changes since 2017, with a March release postponed due to COVID-19. The film is the final X-Men movie made by Fox before Disney’s acquisition of the studio and will likely be the last set in the Fox universe.

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