‘Adam Adamant Lives! Volume Two: Face Off’ Out Now

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After the success of the first volume Adam Adamant Lives!, Big Finish is bringing the “man out of time” for a new volume of adventures in the sixties called Adam Adamant Lives! Volume Two: Face Off.

Adam Adamant Lives! first aired in 1966 on BBC One with Gerard Butler playing Adam Adamant. Adamant was frozen by his enemy The Face and revived in the sixties. It was successfully brought back as an audio drama in January 2020 by Big Finish.

Blake Ritson (Upstairs, Downstairs, Da Vinci’s Demons) is back as Adam Adamant, an Edwardian adventurer sent to the Swinging Sixties to fight crime with Milly Thomas (played by Georgina Jones) and Guy Adams (Williams Simms). They are joined by  Nicholas Ashbury (Milligan), Martha Cope (Lina/Miss Fordyce), and Dan Starkey (Derek/Highwayman).

Image courtesy of Big Finish

The box set is composed of three new stories written by Guy Adams, directed by Nicholas Briggs and produced by Emma Haigh. You can read the synopsis below:

A Slight Case of Reincarnation by Guy Adams

A bizarre bank robbery. Robbers dressed as period highwaymen. Who can stop it? Adam Adamant is still traumatised by the loss of Georgina Jones. But then, he glimpses a familiar face. Is he losing his mind? He must give chase! But where will this all take him? Behind bars? Facing an old enemy? Or rescuing an old friend?

Face It! by Guy Adams

Trapped in isolation with his deadliest foe, Adam must fight for his sanity and his survival. Will Dr Andrew Milligan unlock Adam’s true self or condemn him forever to struggle for supremacy with the mysterious Pat Hamilton?  

The Important Questions by Guy Adams

Despite all his heroic efforts, Simms is locked up and unable to help Adam. Meanwhile, Georgina Jones is masterminding a daring burglary, with Margo Caine pulling the strings. Will the old team of Adam, Georgina and Simms ever fight side-by-side again? 

Writer Guy Adams said:

“I always knew that the second box set would, amongst other things, address the Face. The Face has been an ever-present thing in Adam’s life in the form of his own self-loathing, his worst enemy. The question is, is there a real Face somewhere, and has he managed to travel through time to be there in the Sixties to cause Adam trouble? Has he two greatest enemies to fight? Will there be a deep jealousy – and how will they feel about it…? 

Adam Adamant Lives! Face Off is now available to purchase from the Big Finish website CD box set and as a digital download. Listeners can save money by buying a bundle composed of the volume one and two of Adam Adamant Lives!

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