Tuesday, March 21, 2023

‘Rogue’ Starring Megan Fox Comes to Digital and On-Demand in August; Watch the Trailer Now!

MOVIES'Rogue' Starring Megan Fox Comes to Digital and On-Demand in August; Watch...

Megan Fox will be starring in a new action-drama coming this August.

Rogue follows Samantha O’Hara (Megan Fox), a battle-harden mercenary leading a team of soldiers during a mission to rescue hostages from their captors in a secluded location in Africa. The mission changes drastically when the O’Hara and her team find themselves stranded. Not only will they have to face a brutal gang of rebels but a pack of angry lions as well.

Featuring Megan Fox in her thrilling new role as Samantha O’Hara, the trailer for Rogue is an action-filled thrill ride from start to finish. Explosions, gun-fire, and hand to hand combat. You will be left at the edge of your seat asking for more.

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Rogue stars Megan Fox, Philip Winchester, Jessica Sutton, Calli Taylor, Brandon Auret, Adam Deacon, and Sisanda Hennas. It is written by Isabel Bassett and M.J. Bassett, and directed by M.J. Bassett. The film will be available on digital and on-demand August 28, and on Blu-ray and DVD September 1. Be sure to watch the trailer below.

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