‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: Secrets Are Revealed in Season 1, Episode 8 “Shiv Part Two”

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Brec Bassinger in 'Stargirl'. Image courtesy of The CW.

Last week’s episode ended with a fight between Courtney and Blue Valley’s newest villain Shiv, aka Cindy. Courtney nearly died, and we were left wondering what would happen to her and if she would be okay since she was unconscious when Pat found her. This week, Courtney is slowly recovering until the truth comes out, and the rest of the JSA tries to find out more about Cindy.

Keep reading to find out all that happened in the newest episode of Stargirl, “Shiv Part Two.”

Pat deliberately gets into a car crash so he can make it more believable that that’s what happened to Courtney. He drives the car into a pole and then calls Barbara to tell her that there was an accident. Courtney wakes up in the hospital, and Pat is sitting right next to her. He tells her that he told Barbara there was a car accident, which scared the hell out of her, but she knows Courtney’s going to be okay. Pat is taking her home, and she’s going to get some rest. Tomorrow, he’s going to find out what he can about Cindy Burman and her family. Cindy went after Courtney for a reason, and with abilities like that, Pat assumes she’s clearly connected to the ISA, most likely someone’s daughter. Courtney knows it was stupid for her to go off alone, but this could be the break they needed to figure out who was in the ISA. Pat says they need to be honest, especially with Barbara, that they can’t keep lying. Courtney tells him if they tell her right now, she won’t let them do this anymore. Barbara deserves to know the truth, and Courtney says she hates lying to her; they’ll tell her everything after they stop the ISA once it’s safe in Blue Valley. Courtney promises she’ll rest, get better, and won’t go off alone anymore, but she pleads to Pat not to tell her mother.

“She’ll take this away from me.”

At Pit Stop, Rick is throwing and shoving objects, saying they can’t just stand there. Cindy sent Courtney to the emergency room; she tried to kill her. Rick wants to face Cindy head-on, but Beth says they can’t; she has powers, which means that her dad or her mom could be part of the Injustice Society. Beth stops Rick, telling him they have no idea what they’d be walking into or who they’d be up against.

“An eye for an eye is how it works.”

Beth is mad, too, but she tells Rick he needs to sit down and cool off. She cares about Courtney and Rick and Yolanda, about everyone in Blue Valley, but she says they need to figure out who Cindy’s parents are before they act. Yolanda thinks Beth is right, and Rick gives in, asking Beth what she wants to do. Beth has a plan, a good one, and she holds up her goggles.

Trae Romano and Brec Bassinger in ‘Stargirl.’ Image courtesy of The CW.

Pat opens the chest that the Cosmic Staff is in, telling it they need to talk. Or, rather, he needs to talk. Trying to find the right words, he tells the Staff he knows they’ve had their differences and haven’t always seen eye-to-eye on everything. And at times, it seemed the Staff didn’t even really respect him that much, and as long as he’s speaking honestly, Pat felt that it was pretty impulsive and reckless. When the Staff came into Starman’s life, he was already an adult; he had experience. Courtney, on the other hand, has a lot to learn. Pat knows the Staff wants justice for Sylvester, and he does too, but Courtney could have died.

“And I’m asking you to protect her.”

He tells the Staff if it gets to be too much, take her away from the danger instead of towards it. Pat tries to get the Staff to indicate that it heard him, but nothing. He hears Barbara and puts the top back on the chest, telling himself he’s losing it, talking to a stick, and goes back upstairs. After the lights are off, the Cosmic Staff briefly shines and hums, then goes back to darkness.

Rick and Yolanda are outside Cindy’s house, hiding behind bushes across the street. Pat comes up behind them, wondering what they’re doing. Yolanda tells him they’re just keeping eyes on Cindy, but she’s not home. So, while they’re there, they came up with a plan. Pat wonders where Beth is, and Rick subtly points toward Cindy’s front door. He runs up to her just as she rings the doorbell, trying to get her to leave. Bobbie answers the door, and Beth tells her that she’s a classmate of Cindy’s. She invited her over to teach her some cheerleading moves. Bobbie tells her that Cindy’s not home right now and asks Pat who he is. Pat says he’s Beth’s dad and explains he’s her stepdad; when he married her mom, he adopted her. “My angel.” He thought when he dropped her off, he’d go ahead and take the opportunity to introduce himself. Bobbie offers for the two of them to come in.

Anjelika Washington, Lesa Wilson, and Luke Wilson in ‘Stargirl.’ Image courtesy of The CW.

Courtney’s resting in her room, trying to text Yolanda, but she isn’t replying. Barbara comes in, telling her one of her friends is there to see her. Cindy comes in with balloons, much to Courtney’s surprise. Cindy tells her she heard about the crash and thought she should just check in. Barbara leaves, and Courtney tries to hide her fear. Cindy owes Courtney an apology for what happened at the game, telling Courtney it was just one of those days. Henry was being super weird, her dad was just extra awful, and Jenny was just so ungrateful. And then Cameron asked Courtney to the dance, and she was bailing on Cindy too. Cindy says she overreacted, and she’s sorry.

Meanwhile, at Cindy’s house, Pat is combing through the bookshelf, trying to find anything that will clue them in on who the Burman family is. Bobbie comes over with cookies, and Pat makes small talk with her. Bobbie leaves to grab a glass of water, and Beth takes out her goggles. She comes back out, and Chuck tries to get a reading of Bobbie through the goggles, but her identity and origin are unknown. Beth asks to use the bathroom, and she tells Pat the goggles don’t know who she is. Pat says they have to get out of there, but Beth tells him to just keep Bobbie busy while she finds something to use. As Beth walks through the house to “use the bathroom,” Chuck says he’s scanning the home for any clues as to who those people are. Over an earpiece, Yolanda and Rick check in on her, wondering if she’s found anything. Beth tells them negative, nothing on the mom, and she doesn’t think Cindy’s dad is home. She’s going to try and find a picture of him. Chuck finds a keypad by the basement door and gets the security code for it. Beth punches in the numbers, successfully opening the door, and walks through.

Anjelika Washington in ‘Stargirl’. Image courtesy of The CW.

Cindy is eating sweets on Courtney’s bed while Courtney is trying to keep her distance. Cindy tells her they’re not that different; in fact, they’re kind of similar. “I think if things were a little different, you’d be a lot more like me, actually.” The point is Cindy says she really needs a friend right now. Finishing off her last sweet, Cindy tells Courtney she should go. Cindy stops herself before she leaves, saying she forgot to mention something.

“I really like your Staff, Stargirl.”

After all that time together, did Courtney think Cindy wouldn’t recognize her through the mask? She tells Courtney her secret is safe with her. She doesn’t want to share it with her dad and get sidelined. Cindy tells her she better rest up; she’ll be back — “After I kill your friends.” Courtney texts Yolanda that Cindy knows who she is. Yolanda texts back, saying they’re at Cindy’s house with Pat.

Beth goes down to the basement, trying to tell the others she found a secret tunnel, but the signal is breaking up, and Chuck can no longer communicate. Yolanda tries to talk to her, but most of it is static. Beth makes her way through the tunnel until she hears a roar and metal clanking, running back. Cindy gets home, and Yolanda tries to tell Beth that Cindy is home and she knows Courtney is Stargirl. Beth goes upstairs to Cindy’s room, and despite Yolanda’s pleas to get out, she says she has to find something. Still wearing the goggles, Beth goes over all of Cindy’s pictures, trying to find any indication of the Burman family’s identity. Desperate to help, Yolanda and Rick get out their mask and hourglass, respectively. Cindy enters the house, and Bobbie is in the kitchen with Pat, who is working on her sink. She goes upstairs, and Beth is still going through her room. She sees a picture of a man on Cindy’s mirror and asks Chuck who he is. Dr. Shiro Ito, a controversial scientist and member of the Japanese military throughout the ’30s and ’40s. He created destructive weapons, including bombs that spread plagues throughout China in the early 1930s and executed in 1947.

“What’s Cindy’s connection to a dead war criminal?”

Cindy’s getting closer to her room, and Beth doesn’t know where to hide, but Yolanda is outside the window. She pushes Beth out, and Rick catches her. Cindy gets into her room and hears noises outside, but when she looks out, she spots nothing. Yolanda is on the rooftop. Pat finishes up with the sink. He sees the others outside, tells Bobbie that his daughter had to leave, and joins everyone outside. Yolanda tells Pat that Cindy knows that Courtney is Stargirl. Beth shows him the photo of Dr. Ito, and Pat knows that he’s a war criminal. “I’m starting to think you guys are bad luck.” Pat, Yolanda, Beth, and Rick manage to get away.

Anjelika Washington and Luke Wilson in ‘Stargirl.’ Image courtesy of The CW.

Courtney makes her way down to the basement and finds the Cosmic Staff, telling it they have to help the JSA. The Staff doesn’t move despite Courtney’s efforts. She tells the Staff that Pat and the others are in trouble, and it gives in. Meanwhile, Cindy knows that someone is in her room and sees the picture on her mirror missing. Courtney, as Stargirl, smashes through the window, and she starts fighting Cindy. Courtney asks Cindy what she did to her friends, and Cindy tells her she’s done nothing yet. Using the Staff, Courtney throws Cindy out the window, making her land in the street just as a car comes to a stop: it’s Henry’s car. Henry tries to get Cindy’s attention as she’s still fighting Courtney, but she goes after her anyway. Cindy pins down Courtney, almost stabbing her, but Courtney is just barely managing to keep her away. Cindy tells Henry they’re the same, just like their parents. Henry hears both Cindy and Courtney’s thoughts, and Cindy is trying to get Henry to help her kill Courtney. The ringing in Henry’s head gets louder, and he yells strong enough so that Cindy and Courtney are both blown over. Cindy begins to go after Courtney again, but hooded figures, assumed to be Dr. Ito’s henchmen, grab her and put her down a sewer to another hooded figure.

Courtney looks for Cindy, and Henry asks her what she did with her. In her mind, Courtney says Henry’s a telepath, like his dad, Brainwave. Henry wants to know what’s happening to him and where’s Cindy. Courtney doesn’t know how to explain; Cindy knows who she is, and she knows about the JSA. Henry realizes that Stargirl is Courtney and Courtney realizes that Henry is reading her thoughts. Henry runs away, and Courtney calls after him. Dr. Ito watches Henry on a security camera, saying his daughter was wrong. Henry does have his father’s powers.

Stargirl airs every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on The CW, streaming free the next day on The CW app. Check out the promo for next week below!

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