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On June 17, Hulu released Love, Victor, a new TV series that takes place in the same universe as the 2018 film Love, Simon. The series is a heartfelt show about discovering who you are, even if it’s not quite what you expected. It’s also no secret that Love, Victor is full of humorous moments and lines. Below are some of our favorite one-liners from the show. If you haven’t watched Love, Victor yet, maybe these will convince you.

“Nice shoes.”

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When we first meet Benji, he’s introduced in a dramatic and glorious slow-mo. He approaches Victor and Felix, telling Victor he has “nice shoes.” The line is a nod to Love, Simon, when Simon tells a guy working across the street he likes his boots.

“You two look like a couple of bananas getting ready to split.”

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This absolute gem of a joke comes from Armando. He sees Victor and Felix getting ready for Mia’s stoplight party, both of them dressed completely in yellow. This prompts him to say what is arguably one of the best Dad jokes in history, and yes, I am STILL laughing about it.

“I need to exercise my second amendment anyhow. That would be the right to *bare* arms.”

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In the same episode, Victor and Felix arrive at the party, and Victor is almost immediately dragged away by the basketball team. Andrew says Victor should be wearing green instead of yellow. He gives Victor his green jacket to wear, pulling out the second amendment line. If you ask me, it seems like he knows his rights pretty well.

“Someone’s gonna be dancing the midnight Macarena.”

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This saucy line belongs to Felix. Mia is (attempting) to send Victor sexy messages. Lake takes over, sending one that’s more clear about what Mia wants, though only Felix understands what she’s implying. Felix says the line while explaining the message to Victor.

“Mom stopped watching Jimmy Kimmel after he got skinny because she was having impure thoughts.”

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When Victor goes to check up on Pilar after she blew up on their mom, Isabel, Pilar tells Victor that Isabel is having an affair. Victor dismisses it by saying that there’s no way she could have had an affair and follows up with this pretty iconic line.

“Come on, I know you wanna tap that Tex-Ass.”

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When Lake visits Mia before school, she says they have to throw a party since Mia’s dad is out of town. When Mia disagrees and tells Lake there will be no more parties, Lake drops a piece of major geographical knowledge.

“Do you guys always say grace roast style?”

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The Salazars and Felix are about to eat, and Pilar offers to say grace, shading her mom about her affair. Armando sends her to her room, everyone else noticeably uncomfortable. Felix tries to break the tension by asking about how they say grace.

“You are having what they call MOFO.”

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Isabel, in true mom fashion, says this line. She points out Pilar’s sad sighing over the phone. Pilar tells her it’s because her Texas friends are at a Billie Eilish concert and she isn’t. Isabel tells her she’s suffering from “MOFO.” Pilar corrects her and says the term is FOMO, not MOFO. Don’t worry, Isabel. We knew what you meant.

“The bomb is bombing.”

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At the battle of the bands, Felix is set to perform. Though not as himself, he’s going under the pseudonym DJ F-Bomb. When Felix’s set takes a turn for the worst, Lake turns to Andrew and drops a pretty bomb joke herself.

“I think the winner gets to play an encore, so at least we’ll get to see whoever was least terrible.”

Courtesy of Hulu

After a bizarre date at an art show, Mia and Victor make it to the coffee shop for the tail end of Battle of the Bands. Victor asks if they missed the entire show, and Mia brings up the encore, definitely shading every band who played (though she’s not wrong).

Honorable mentions:

  • “I’d hate to sound cheesy on our anniversary, but … ” –Benji’s card to Derek, that just HAS to say “you’re grate” on the inside. But alas, we’ll never really know.
  • “You looked like two snakes trying to swallow each other.” –Victor to Felix about him and Lake kissing.
  • “Don’t even get me started on silent auctions. I’m always wishing regular auctions would just … shut up.” –Victor to Mia about the fundraiser.
  • “Lake you look perfect in pink. Like a sexy bottle of Pepto Bismol.” –Felix to Lake about her all pink ensemble.
  • “I would crawl back to Texas on broken glass just to have five more minutes with you.” –Pilar to her boyfriend.

While we included some of our favorites, these are only a handful of the hilarious one-liners sprinkled throughout the show. The show is still fresh and there’s currently no news on season 2, but we’re confident it will return in full force with even more jokes. You can read more of our Love, Victor coverage here, including our season 1 review.

Love, Victor is now streaming on Hulu.

Julia is a writer/editor/content assistant for Nerds who joined the team in 2019.

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