Big Finish Announces Relaunch of ‘Doctor Who’ Range

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Big Finish just announced that starting in January 2022, they will relaunch their Doctor Who release schedule as a series of ranges dedicated to each of the first 12 incarnations of the Doctor. Until now, the company has been releasing monthly dramas featuring the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Doctor. It will end with the release number 275. Starting in 2022, Big Finish will introduce a rotation with the releases with each Doctor starring in a box set during the year.

Senior Producer David Richardson said:
“There are so many exciting new directions ahead. Where did the First Doctor and Dodo go next after leaving the planet of The Savages? What happened to the Second Doctor after The War Games? What new adventures await the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith? What happened on the Seventh Doctor’s Last Day? The adventures are only just beginning…”
Big Finish chairman and executive producer, Jason Haigh-Ellery said:
“One comment we hear more often from new listeners is that they find it hard to know where to begin with our back catalogue of ‘Doctor Who’ adventures. This change to our release schedule will make it easier for people to start. With a range for each Doctor, there will be a natural ‘stepping on point’ for fans.”
Creative director and executive producer, Nicholas Briggs, added:
“As well as making our ranges much less confusing for Big Finish beginners, these changes will allow us more exciting new possibilities and creative freedom. “By freeing the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors from the constrictions of the Monthly Adventures schedule, and giving them their own distinct ranges, we will be able to introduce more surprising cast combinations, different story lengths, and more story arcs.”
Stay tuned for more information for more information on Big Finish’s future releases.

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