Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Big Finish Releases Latest ‘Doctor Who – Short Trips’ Audio Adventure

PODCASTSBIG FINISHBig Finish Releases Latest 'Doctor Who - Short Trips' Audio Adventure

Big Finish has released the latest installment of their Doctor Who – Short Trips series, this time featuring the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith. Titled “Decline of the Ancient Mariner” and written by Rob Nisbet, the story is based on the real world events of NASA’s Mariner 10 spacecraft and the technical difficulties its team faced in 1974. Check out the description from Big Finish below:

When NASA has a problem they can’t quite understand, they quickly turn to the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith to investigate. Their Mariner 10 probe disappeared for 30 minutes, with no apparent explanation. What starts out as quick investigation ends up having catastrophic consequences for the time travellers.

But the reason for the probe’s disappearance sounds a little too familiar for the Doctor…

The Short Trips series are geared towards fans of shorter yet still exciting adventures that can be listened to in 30 minutes, allowing those on a time crunch to still get their Doctor Who fix. “Decline of the Ancient Mariner” is available for download on the Big Finish website, along with previous Short Trips stories and longer audio adventures starring your favorite Doctors. Happy listening!

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