Monday, October 3, 2022

Watch Chris Evans in the First Trailer for Apple TV+’s ‘Defending Jacob’

TELEVISIONAPPLE TV+Watch Chris Evans in the First Trailer for Apple TV+'s 'Defending Jacob'

Prepare to walk the fine line between allegiance and justice.

The Barbers live in a quiet Massachusetts town — Andy goes to work everyday as an assistant district attorney, just as he has for decades, Laurie is friends with all the local parents, and their son, Jacob, heads to high school through the same path in the woods through the park. They eat dinner together, go on family vacations, all is well. Until it isn’t. One day, a high school boy is found dead in the woods, on the same path that Jacob walks everyday. And then the unthinkable happens. Jacob is charged with the murder of his classmate. Watch on as Andy fights the battle between believing the innocence of the boy he’s seen grow up before his eyes for the past 14 years and the damning evidence piling up against him. Jacob is innocent, Andy knows it to be true … it has to be.

Defending Jacob will release exclusively on Apple TV+ on April 24 with the first three episodes, the following five made available on each subsequent Friday. It stars Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery and Jaeden Martell.

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