Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Fans Petition to Save the ‘Supernatural’ Bunker Set

THE CWSUPERNATURALFans Petition to Save the 'Supernatural' Bunker Set

As with most productions of television and film, sets are disassembled once they’re done being used for filming. On a rare few occasions, sets are saved for various tours or museums, such as that on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Los Angeles, where you can see the set from Friends, among a few other exteriors.

With the last season of Supernatural coming to a close, fans are pulling together to respectfully ask that part of their beloved series get saved – the set known as the “Men of Letters Bunker” or, the bunker.

Built on a soundstage in Vancouver, fans are hoping that Warner Bros. will help preserve it in whatever way they can – whether it be for a tour for fans to visit, or another way to honor the show’s legacy.

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Supernatural isn’t just another show. It has a fierce and loyal fanbase, and one that does so much good. It’s the longest running sci-fi television show in United States history. So it’s normal for fans to want to preserve it, where so many have felt like it’s their own home through a television screen. You can read more about the set here, from production designer Jerry Wanek.

You can see the petition here.



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