Top 10 Michael Guerin Moments from ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 1

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When Roswell, New Mexico graced our screens, we had no idea we would soon have a favorite bisexual cowboy alien, but now we definitely do! Season 1 of the show introduced us to Michael Guerin, the rough-around-the-edges mischievous sibling to twins Max and Isobel Evans.

Nevertheless, as fans learned more about Michael, they couldn’t get enough. Beyond his rough exterior is a man with a heart of gold who loves his family deeply. Michael Vlamis does a masterful job portraying Guerin, pulling at our heartstrings one moment and making us laugh the next. Season 1 was an eventful one for Michael, so let’s take a look back at his biggest moments!

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Tells Isobel the Truth

Ten years after Rosa’s death, Michael finally reveals the truth to Isobel. While she has believed that it was Michael that accidentally killed Rosa and her friends, he tells her that she was responsible during one of her blackouts. She is obviously disturbed by the information, but with the return of her blackouts, Michael knew it was time to finally come clean.

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Stands Up to Jesse Manes

We all know this moment. The gut-wrenching moment we learned how Michael’s hand really got hurt. Jesse Manes catches Michael and Alex in their shed, picks up a hammer, and when Michael tries to defend Alex, he puts himself directly in the path of Manes’ anger. In one smooth motion, he has Michael’s hand pinned to the table. Michael’s desire to protect Alex results in a painful memory and injury that stays with him the rest of his life (well, until the finale). But Michael’s instinct to protect people isn’t gone because of this moment. He still protects Isobel when she’s hurt or scared, Max when he nearly dies via Noah, Maria when she is drugged at the gala, and he still protects Alex every chance he gets.

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Teams Up with Liz to Save Isobel

Michael Guerin definitely defines himself as a loner. Rough, tough, and doesn’t need anyone for anything. Or so he wants us to think. When we delve into the heart of the character, behind that tough exterior is a person who loves deeply. Michael loves Isobel enough to work alongside Liz Ortecho to create an antidote to her alien-killer serum. He is forced to open up  to her about his research (the relevant stuff anyway) and together they are able to create the antidote in just a few short months.

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Heart to Heart with Max

This scene in the bunker is the moment that both men lay bare their feelings of anger, betrayal, frustration, and love to each other. Max tells Michael he is and always will be Max’s family, while Michael finally tells the truth about his hand and his relationship with Alex (and Maria). Michael declaring his sexuality to his brother is a pivotal moment for this character. Both leave the bunker (thanks to Liz saving them) a little closer to one another.

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Michael Reconnects with Alex

We can’t talk about Michael and not mention that fiery episode 1 kiss between him and Alex. They cross paths earlier in the episode, making it clear that there is some kind of history, but we don’t know what that history is until this moment. This also shows us our first glimpse of Michael’s softer side, as every moment prior to this he is trying to piss someone off or spouting a very sarcastic one-liner.

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Michael Tells Alex the Truth

Michael and Alex have had less than an easy relationship, so it is especially impactful when one or both of them open up to each other. Michael uses anger and pain like a shield to protect himself, but the moment he reveals the remains of the spaceship to Alex is a turning point. He’s let Alex in on his secret, on his goal to leave earth and it’s clear he feels vulnerable. Alex could leave or yell or reject him entirely, but Michael puts himself out there anyway.

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Discovers Caulfield 

Another major moment for Michael in season one was discovering Caulfield. Not only does he come face to face with dozens of aliens, like himself, that have been held and possibly tortured for 70 years. He seems to fill with hope, knowing these people can answer his lifelong questions. As he wanders the area he comes face to face with not just an alien, but his mother. In his desperation he tries to free her, but the cracked glass sets off the self-detonation timer in the facility. The hope he had quickly drains away and is replaced with fear and sorrow as he realizes no one will survive. It even seems like he wants to stay, but Alex (and his mother) convinces him to go. He both gains and loses everything in the span of a few minutes and it’s heartbreaking.

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Michael Frees Noah

The finale is jam packed with action for every character, Michael included. He’s still reeling for them indescribable loss he just faced at Caulfield as he watched the building self-destruct in a fiery explosion. He is hurt and angry and refuses to let Noah die without giving them any answers. Michael faces off with Max, throwing him backward and knocking him unconscious. When he frees Noah to take him to get more of the antidote, Noah feigns ill and stabs Michael in the neck. This single act sets the rest of the finale in motion as our heroes rush to find Noah before he can kill to regain his powers.

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Michael Saves Max and Fights Noah

Michael gets to be the ‘just in the nick of time’ savior during the finale. As Noah is about to end Max, Michael shows up and throws Noah across the cave which saves Max. He also does as Max asks and stays to fight Noah, even knowing he might lose (or die) while Max runs outside to catch some lightning. Michael does get knocked out from his fight with Noah, but his willingness to protect his family even after the fight he and Max had over Noah is a shining moment for him.

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Michael is Hopeful for the Future

The finale gave audiences a very different Michael than at the beginning of the show. He’s less gruff, less aloof. He admits to Isobel that Alex “He’s tangled up in all these terrible memories in my life and I love him. I probably always will. But lately, that love just hurts. Coming back to him, it always feels like a crash landing.” When he leaves he goes to Maria rather than Alex, perhaps taking Isobel’s advice to look forward instead of back. His speech to Isobel leads us to believe that perhaps Michael needs a clean slate, and he looks almost hopeful about the future when he gets to the Wild Pony. He also allows himself a moment of calm by picking up the guitar as a sense of peace seems to wash over him. That hopeful glint in his eye is new for Michael, and we can’t wait to see where season two takes him.

Michael Guerin may be a little rough around the edges, but he definitely has heart of gold and we find ourselves routing for him whenever he’s on screen. Will he spiral after Max’s death? Are he and Maria an item now? Will he join Isobel and explore his own powers more as we saw in the season 2 trailer? We don’t know the answers but we can’t wait to find out!

What’s your favorite Michael moment? Let us know in the comments below! Roswell, New Mexico returns to The CW on Monday, March 16.

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