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‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 13 “How’s It Going to Be”

THE CWROSWELL, NEW MEXICO‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 13 “How’s It Going to...

The time has come, Roswell fans, for the series finale. We’ve been both dreading and looking forward to this episode for weeks and it did not disappoint. Thought it marks the end of a phenomenal series, the episode more than lives up to the wonderful storytelling we’ve been lucky enough to watch over the last four years.

Defeating Clyde

Michael Moriatis/The CW

Rosa is able to break Clyde’s hold long enough for him and Max to square off with fire. It throws everyone and Clyde snatches Rosa and heads off. He takes Rosa to Shivani telling her Rosa’s blood is the key to saving Shivani’s daughter and her machine can extract what they need. The downside? Looks like it’s going to require a lot of Rosa’s blood. Of course, Clyde only keeps up this lie until the process is complete and rips away the serum before telling Shivani he can’t save her daughter and used that as a means to manipulate her. He infuses the broken map with the serum from Rosa’s blood and it works.

After Clyde makes his getaway, the crew decides to split up. One group will collect the star map to hinder his progress with returning to Oasis, Liz will try to return Clyde’s mark from Jones, and Max and Isobel will stay near the portal to come up with a plan to stop him if he returns.

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With Liz’s memory severely damaged and Kyle working to cure Alex, Liz calls on her mentor Aly to help with the science to defeat Clyde. At the lab, Liz and Kyle fill her in on the stakes and the required science. Together, the three are able to come up with the science needed while also sparking Liz to realize the mist is stuck in her brain blocking her neural pathways.

With his repaired map and alien fruit, Clyde shows up at the portal which appears to be abandoned. He thinks he activates it, but Isobel pulls him into a mindscape with a dozen portals. He’s able to break free before she can inject him with the serum. Isobel is knocked out but Liz brought extra and sets up Clyde while Clyde and Max fight. Max pretends to be defeated and Clyde forces Liz down and takes the fruit from her. As he does she injects him activating the mark and stepping through the portal kills him.

Who Wants to Go to a Wedding

Michael Moriatis/The CW

With Clyde well and truly defeated, what’s left but for everyone to go to a wedding? Kyle is able to treat Alex’s illness and everyone is dressed and ready. Well, almost everyone. Michael is stressed but Sanders (in a suit) brings him a something old. Something that belonged to Nora and reminds him that she would have been so proud of him and wanted him to feel the kind of love he has for Alex. She’s always with him.

In one of my favorite television weddings to date, Alex and Michael are surrounded by their loved ones as they are wed by Dallas with “I’ll Be” playing. Later, Michael plays that very song for Alex and the cheering crowd at the pony. It’s simple and beautiful and perfectly suits their relationship.

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They have a small reception where everyone dances the night away. Alex is ready to change his name to Guerin, Maria hires Bonnie at the Pony, and Liz is more than ready to marry Max. There are some serious sparks between Dallas and Maria while they dance at the reception and agree to a dinner date.

Max is the Savior

Michael Moriatis/The CW

Max and Isobel stay at the portal to come up with a plan to defeat Clyde if he returns to it. Isobel shares with Max the memory that Tezca gave her before she died. In the memory, a young Max looks at large crystals while Tezca and Nora discuss creating a rebellion to defeat Jones. As the only one that can control the blue flame, he is the only one that can restore the power of the crystals aka the sources of life for the flora and fauna of Oasis. However, young Max can also restore the crystals’ powers and Nora deems him the Savior for it.

After defeating Clyde, Max hovers at the portal with the weight of a world on his shoulders. He’s worried about the fate of Oasis if he doesn’t return to potentially save the planet and its people.

Liz finds Max at the Crashdown after the wedding, holding her ring in her hand ready to accept his proposal. However, her plan is ruined when Max tells Liz that he wants to return to Oasis. Maria was able to show him Oasis and it’s on the verge of collapse. It needs the blue flame to survive, and Max intends to truly become the Savior of his planet.

He leaves and Aly later finds Liz crying while eating pancakes. Aly found a way to restore Liz’s memory and gives her some sage advice about love.

Michael arrives at Max’s to borrow luggage only for Max to tell him that he is planning to go to Oasis. He gifts Michael his typewriter and Isobel his badge.

The Series Finale

Michael Moriatis/The CW

In a truly beautiful series finale that would have perfectly set up a fifth season, every character is given a wonderful future. Michael and Alex head out on a honeymoon. Isobel and Kyle cuddle by the fire. The next morning, Liz finds Max at the portal and he tells her hell yes as he slips her ring on her finger. He’s made her a turquoise symbol necklace for her to keep him close. She gives a final beautiful speech in true Echo fashion, telling him how much she loves him, and how their paths have twisted and shaped them into who they are. They will be married when he returns. Dallas activates the portal and he and Max step through onto Oasis.

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