Friday, October 7, 2022

Big Finish Releases Romance-Centered ‘Doctor Who’ Audio Drama for Valentine’s Day

PODCASTSBIG FINISHBig Finish Releases Romance-Centered 'Doctor Who' Audio Drama for Valentine's Day

Looking for a way to indulge in your love for Valentine’s Day and Doctor Who at the same time? Well, Big Finish has got you covered with their latest installment of the Doctor Who – Short Trips audio series. Short Trips are just that – short stories in the Doctor Who universe, allowing you to get your Doctor Who fix even on a time crunch. This latest episode is called Deleted Scenes, which is written by Angus Dunican and narrated by Frazer Hines. The story focuses on a romance between companion Jamie McCrimmon and a film director he and the Doctor meet on a trip to 1908 Paris. Check out the full description from Big Finish:

For all that Jamie has seen and done in his travels, nothing quite prepared him for the magic of being a film star.

During a Parisian holiday in 1908, he and the Doctor are taken in by film director Céline Tessier and soon find themselves immersed in the world of the silver screen.

However, Jamie will discover that – in show business – where there is delight, one must also expect one’s share of tragedy.

Deleted Scenes is available for digital download on the Big Finish website. You can also check out their large collection of other Short Trips audio stories here. Happy listening!

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