Words of Encouragement for Our Favorite ‘Supernatural’ Friends on ‘National Send a Card to a Friend Day’


Every year before Valentine’s Day, February celebrates “National Send a Card to a Friend Day” on February 7. The purpose of this warm-hearted holiday is to drop a line to an old buddy you haven’t seen in a while and send the message that you still care.

In honor of the final season of Supernatural (and in light of recent down-on-your-luck events), we here at Nerds decided to jot down a few feel-good notes for some favorite hunters who could really use a literary pick-me-up.

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Dear Sam,

It’s tough being a world-class hunter while having the most powerful being in the universe coming after you. Sometimes you might think you want to give up, but remember you are never facing this world alone. You have your family, but most importantly you have everything inside you to face any challenge that comes your way. Remember, “Always Keep Fighting”.

From your friend, Kailin.

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Dear Dean,

You have a tough exterior and you are strong, but underneath the wise-cracking fighter is a heart of gold.  We know you have so many things on your shoulders and you would do anything for your family and friends, especially Sam and Cas. Don’t let the demons win, whether they are emotional or physical. Your love of family is who you are, don’t ever change that because it will carry you through!

From your friend, Michelle

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Dear Castiel,

Sometimes you think you’re not needed, yet you lend your ear to those who call you in prayer. You look out for those who you care about even though sometimes they get mad at you. Anyone who meets you should be very thankful to have a guardian angel like you. Keep spreading your wings!

From your friend, Carleen

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Dear Jody,

You do an amazing job of looking after so many people in your job, hunting and looking after the girls. Make sure you take time to look after yourself. Have a long bath, put on a rom-com, order a takeaway but most importantly, always stay “wayward AF”.

From a fellow chick flick fan.

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Dear Jack,

Despite who your father is, you are nothing like him. You are always trying to help, even if it doesn’t exactly end up that way. You have a family and you are always cared for. You try to make the world a better place and use your powers for good, not evil. It may be tough, but you always pull through, even just that little “Hi” can brighten up anyone’s day.

From your friend, Megan

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Dear Garth,

Every hunter dreams of leaving “the life” and settling down with a happy ending, but you actually did it. Through hard work, a little original thinking, and maybe some C4, you constantly commit yourself to your relationships with the same passion you do everything else, and the people in your life love you for it. Plus, you really do give the best hugs.

From a member of the (friendly) neighborhood werewolf watch.

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Dear Rowena,

You are one of the most fearless and clever witches to ever grace the Earth, and you have grown to be a wonderful friend to those closest to you. And now you are the Queen you were always meant to be. So, (metaphorically) wear that crown, hold your head high, take command, and never stop leading. Stay iconic and make your son proud!

Your humble subject, Melanie

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Dear Donna,

There are going to be times when you feel as if there’s a better version of you out there or, unfortunately, the person you wholly desire thinks there is. Well, I want you to hold onto the simple fact that just as your thumbprint is rare, so are you. No one can hold themselves the way you do or carry this resilience that has made you a remarkable hunter, and as you slowly become more comfortable within yourself, you’ll see exactly what the family you’ve carved out around you does.

All my love, Rachel F.

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Dear Gabriel,

We know you’re not dead. We all forgive you, it’s fine, we get why you did it … but we’d like to see you again. Please?

Love, Kaity & Lindsey

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Dear Chuck,

Stop being a dick.

Love, Briar

Jess is a 90’s Slytherin who loves cartoons (Go Team Venture!) and 15-minute theme park queue lines. She spends most of her free time reading and writing about the hurry-you'll-miss-it, always exciting themed entertainment/experience industry. You can find her on social @shockscribble

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