Everything Is Hilariously Wrong in Supernatural Season 15, Episode 10: “The Heroes’ Journey”

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*Spoilers ahead!*

After a few heart wrenching episodes, viewers looked forward to a comedic break in Supernatural. Thursday’s episode delivered, and in my opinion, is right up there on the list with “Bad Day at Black Rock,” “Yellow Fever,” “The French Mistake” and other comedic episodes previously aired. We also see the return of DJ Qualls as Garth!

“The Heroes’ Journey” begins with something I am honestly surprised we have not seen before in Supernatural – a monster fight club. A wraith and a werewolf fight in a cage while a crowd (also filled with a variety of monsters) cheers on. The music accompanying the scene make it feel like a dance until the werewolf is left seemingly dead. We are also shown two characters briefly that will play a bigger part of the story later on.

When we are shown the Winchesters, we see things go wrong for them right away. On Dean’s end, he is seen shopping for essentials: magazines, food, and of course beer. Two cases, at that. Dean begins munching on a snack while everything is being rung up by Teddy the cashier, except Dean is clearly in pain every time he chews.

Dean’s bad luck does not end with a painful tooth. His credit card gets declined, leaving him without said groceries. If you thought things could not get any worse in such a short time span, you would be wrong. He almost gets run over by a skateboarder walking out, along with a parking ticket.

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With Sam, his bad luck begins with the smoke alarms going off thanks to food burning in the oven. Does Sam grab oven mitts to take the tray out of the oven? Nope. So he quickly places the try on the kitchen island, accidentally knocking plates off and breaking them.

Surely, you would think Sam would learn his lesson after the hot tray (stoves and ovens are hot, Sam!), but alas, he did not. Sam then picks up the pot off the stove (seriously invest in oven mitts) and instantly drops it, sending pasta and water all over the floor.

While we shake our heads at the Winchesters and laugh, Dean comes home to the bunker and calls for Sammy, who proceeds to trip up the steps. We also learn the credit card was set up for them 5 years ago by Charlie. It was supposed to be their “no-more-hustling, always working, golden ticket.” Oh, and Sam is also sneezing and getting sick. Enter a call from Garth.

Dean is convinced that they are cursed while they head to Garth’s house. He is completely convinced when Baby breaks down. Looks like Sam and Dean are walking the rest of the way.

With Garth, his life with Bess seems pretty good and normal as he feeds his twin boys as his young daughter watches on. He introduces Sam and Dean to his kids: Gertie, Sam and Cas. He named the twins after Sam and Castiel! Of course, by Dean’s face, I am thinking he thought the second twin was going to be named Dean.

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Baby names aside, the werewolf left for dead was actually Bess’ cousin Brad. Turns out he is very much alive. Garth also clues into Dean’s teeth issues when he tries to sneak a snack. Bess also clues on to Sam’s cold. Each try to help the Winchesters.

Sam is given Bess’ father’s secret recipe to help cure Sam. Just from the color of it, one can guess that it might be a wee bit spicy. Sam downs the drink in one gulp, and instantly regrets it. Bess admits after the fact it is mostly cayenne pepper, just as the tears start to fall down Sam’s face. Much to Gertie’s amusement as she exclaims, “Mommy, the giant’s crying!”

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Speaking of the giant, Sam falls to the ground and licks his jacket to try to get rid of the spice, while the twins start crying. Sam’s interactions are hysterical. On one point he says, “how do you think I feel?” He also tries to calm the babies by saying, “Big Sam is okay,” while absolutely looking anything but okay.

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With Dean, Garth takes him down to the basement where he has a whole dentistry station set up (pack ‘n’ play included for the kids.) It makes a lot of sense considering when we first met Garth he mentioned he took out the Tooth Fairy (she had it coming!) Also, werewolves really cannot go to a regular dentist, so a werewolf dentist is pretty handy.

Garth gives Dean some “laughing gas” to put him under so that he can take care of his 17 cavities. Cue one of the best moments in Supernatural history as Dean, in a vintage suit and hat, tap dances in the bunker. Even Garth makes a cameo, tap dancing alongside Dean! There are not enough words in the English dictionary to describe how amazing this musical number is.

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The story continues when both Sam and Dean are feeling more like themselves. Well, maybe not looking like himself on Dean’s part, his face stuffed with gauze. Garth wants the full story and he gets it much to his and Bess’ surprise: the Winchesters’ villain is God himself.

Garth being smart and using an unexpected example, Fifty Shades of Grey (his and Bess’ favorite), explains heroes do not have to worry about everyday problems like cavities or water bills. It slows the story down, but Chuck took all that away from them. Now they have to get used to being normal.

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With Brad awake they all get the full story, but he is hesitant since Sam and Dean are hunters. Even Sam’s puppy dog eyes do not work. Bess’ surprising darker side does when she digs her nails into Brad’s wounds. They get the information on the fight club and where it is.

With that, the Winchesters set to leave, much to Garth’s worry. They are normal and have yet to acclimate to everything that entails. But, Sam and Dean are determined. This is what they do, what they have always done. There is no stopping them. And they also want to protect Garth because he has a family.

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Set up with new spark plugs, Sam and Dean arrive at the fight club’s location. Dean is stuffing his face with a grilled cheese. His seventh to be exact. That will end well. Sam wants to be prepared for anything, which of course leads Dean to bring the grenade launcher. I love Dean, but I think we can all agree he is a kid at heart!

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Inside the place seems deserted, and Sam trips once again. As Dean says, “did you forget how to walk?” Looks like Sam needs to get used to being clumsy now. Immediately after, you hear Dean’s stomach loudly grumble. Looks like those 7 grilled cheeses are catching up with him. Grenade launcher still in hand, Dean hurries to the bathroom, in which Sam has his own quip to their ails. He thinks Dean is lactose intolerant now. And the boy had a heck of a lot of dairy. Yikes!

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In the midst of getting sick, Dean is like “just kill me now,” which leads to our big baddie of the episode arriving say he can do that. Turns out he is a shifter and runs the fight club. He decides he is making Sam and Dean fight Maul (called Marvin and a myriad of women’s names by Dean), a huge man that anybody would be intimidated to fight. Shout out to the wrestling commercial showing Sam and Dean’s mug shot!

Leading up to the fight, Sam and Dean are stuck in neighboring cells. Dean tries to pick the lock while the first fight takes place, subsequently breaking a nail. Then, Sam gives it a try, but cannot much time his surprise because they do this all the time. But they are normal now. Things do not magically unlock, and as it turns out, picking a lock is harder than they expected.

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Dean gives his best motivational speech that they have to win. He knows not everything was Chuck. It was them. They put in the blood, sweat and tears. They are the best. And it is true. Just because Chuck handed them things on a silver platter, they still experienced it. They just have to learn how to be normal while doing it. Only, when it is time for them to fight, their cells are empty. So, just where did the Winchesters go?

Garth, of course. When they never answered their phone, Garth knew they were “super boned.” And yeah, they were. Garth uses his werewolf strength, much to Dean’s admiration, to break them out. He then proceeds to use c4 to blow up the entire place. Let us take a moment for us all to admire how much of a badass Garth is.

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However, Maul escapes the explosion and he is angry. He tosses Garth aside, knocking him out. Sam and Dean, not having any faith in his earlier speech, attempt to fight Maul. It should not be, but it is hilarious. Dean looks like he is straight out of a cartoon when he is kicked in the crotch by Maul. Sam misses jabs. Dean even taps out at one point.

Despite being the supporting character, Garth is the hero, saving the Winchesters by killing Maul. But the humor continues when Dean speaks, as if he inhaled helium from a balloon. Sounds like that was one massive kick to the crotch!

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As the end of the episode draw nears, Sam and Dean hold the twins. Baby Cas looks at Dean weird, kind of like the real Cas according to Sam. Garth tells them about a place in Alaska that might help them, and gives us a hint at where the Winchesters story will continue. We also get a wonderfully happy ending for Garth. The last we see of him, Sam and Dean watch through the window at Garth and Bess dancing. Dean even vocally admits he always thought he could be a dancer. A look into Dean’s dreams outside of being a hunter. Foreshadowing, maybe?

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Being the final season, it has become adamantly clear we are beginning our journey of goodbyes. With that, thank you DJ Qualls for bringing Garth to life these past years. You have brought us both humor and hope, and one of the most loveable characters to grace our screens. We are beyond happy and proud to watch the happy ending you deserve on this show.

Be sure to tune in next week when Supernatural airs on Thursday 8 pm est on The CW.

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