More ‘Doctor Who: Short Trips’ for 2020 Revealed

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Courtesy of Big Finish.

Big Finish has just revealed the final Doctor Who Short Trips for 2020! The four stories are brand new and have been written by writers new to Doctor Who and Big Finish.

These new adventures feature the Ninth Doctor on Krakatoa, the Tenth Doctor going against the Time Agency and classic companions Liz and Peri. You can read the synopsis for the four stories below:

  • Her Own Bootstraps, written by Amy Veeresperformed by Jacob Dudman

Extracting a dangerous Time War weapon from an irresponsible scientist, the Doctor arrives on Krakatoa in 1883 to destroy it. Problematically, the scientist is also in Krakatoa to steal the weapon. This is where she found it before the Doctor stole it from her. Trapped in a paradox, the Doctor must overcome a future he cannot change.  A future that has already happened. 

  • The Meaning of Red, written by Rod Brown, performed by Nicola Bryant

The TARDIS accidentally strands Peri alone on the inhospitable world of Calleto. Taking refuge with the planet’s only colonists, she waits and waits, but the Doctor doesn’t return. Her only hope lies in discovering the secrets of this planet. It’s that, or she dies.

  • Blue Boxes, written by Erin Horakovaperformed by Mark Reynolds

Death stalks the phone lines.  UNIT’s been inundated with prank calls. Bored, the Doctor agrees to help Liz investigate. Quickly immersed in the world of phone line hackers, it is revealed that they’re being killed, one-by-one. With the death toll rising, the Doctor will have to use all of his cunning and wits to defeat a foe he can’t even talk to.  He’ll also have to use a blue box. Just not the one you’re expecting.

  • The Shattered Hourglass, written by Robert Napton, performed by Neve McIntosh

The Time Agency has been meddling with time ever since its inception. Of all the days in history, today is a day that will define the agency forever.  Today is the day of their greatest achievement. Today is the day they removed an entire galaxy from the timeline.  Today is the day the Doctor’s shutting them down.

Producer of Big Finish’s Short Trips range, Alfie Shaw, said:

“Rounding out 2020, we have four very different, but equally brilliant stories. The first is September’s ‘Her Own Bootstraps’ by Amy Veeres. We’re back in the pre-Rose era of the Ninth Doctor’s life and he’s heading to Krakatoa for a journey that’s more complicated than he initially imagined. 

Then, in October, we have a Peri-centric story in ‘The Meaning of Red’ by Rod Brown. Separated from the Doctor, Peri has to survive on an almost barren world. It’s a lovely character study, highlighting Peri’s determination, humanity and botany skills.

Blue Boxes’ by Erin Horakova is based around the culture of “Phreaking”– short for phone line hacking — which is an area, I must confess, I knew nothing about. Firmly rooted in the early days of the Third Doctor, it’s a story of intrigue, horror and heartbreak. 

Closing out the year is ‘The Shattered Hourglass’ by Robert Napton. It’s the Tenth Doctor versus the Time Agency! The responsibility of time travellers is a theme ‘Doctor Who’ often returns to, and was very prominent during the latter years of the Tenth Doctor’s run. Robert’s story puts that theme under the microscope, examining how the Doctor reacts to other people trying to fill that gap left by the Time Lord’s death.” 

These four stories conclude the tenth season of Doctor Who Short Trips. They are available for pre-order as an download on Big Finish’s website or as a bundle of the twelve stories of 2020.

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