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‘Sarah Jane Smith’ Complete Audio Collection Now on Sale

BBCDOCTOR WHO'Sarah Jane Smith' Complete Audio Collection Now on Sale

In remembrance of what would have been Elisabeth Sladen’s 74th birthday on February 1, Big Finish is offering the Sarah Jane Smith: The Complete Series 1-2 audio set at a special price from now until 11:59 p.m (UK time) on February 3. Doctor Who fans will of course remember Sladen as Sarah Jane, The Third and Fourth Doctors’ companion in the original series. She also returned in several episodes of the revived series with the Tenth Doctor. Sladen, as Sarah Jane, also starred in several television specials, audio dramas, and even her own spin-off series, The Sarah Jane Adventures, until her tragic passing in 2011.

Jeremy James, Sadie Miller, and Elisabeth Sladen behind the scenes of recording ‘Sarah Jane Smith’. Image courtesy of Big Finish.

The Sarah Jane Smith series is a collection of nine full audio dramas, with Sladen reprising her role as Sarah Jane as she continues her career as an investigative journalist, fighting crime and righting wrongs in the wake of being left on Earth by the Fourth Doctor. The series includes the following episodes:

Comeback by Terrance Dicks
The Tao Connection by Barry Letts
Test of Nerve by David Bishop
Ghost Town by Rupert Laight
Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre by Peter Anghelides
Buried Secrets by David Bishop
Snow Blind by David Bishop
Fatal Consequences by David Bishop
Dreamland by David Bishop

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This is the first time all nine episodes have been available as a set, and fans will be able to purchase and download the previously unavailable episode Comeback, should they already have the others. Check out the Big Finish website for Sarah Jane Smith and plenty other Doctor Who audio dramas!

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