Disney Teases New ‘Magic Happens’ Parade with Behind-the-Scenes Video

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Courtesy of Disney Parks

With February only a few short days away, Disney’s brand new Disneyland parade, “Magic Happens,” is just weeks away from its grand debut on February 28. Whimsical floats inspired by such fantasy films as Cinderella, The Princess and the Frog, Sleeping Beauty, Coco, and The Sword in the Stone will be featured in the parade and really put guests where the “Magic Happens.”

In anticipation of the new parade, Disney has released a behind-the-scenes video around the creative workshop, as Senior Art Director Scott Shaffer talks parade floats:

“It’s that attention to detail and all those little extra things that we’re putting into it that’ll make people want to come over and over to see it. And that’s what our final goal is, is really to bring happiness to all of our guests.”

Catch a glimpse of the magic for yourself below:

“Magic Happens” takes the place of Disneyland’s most recent Soundsational Parade that retired last July. To learn more about Disneyland, visit Disneyland.Disney.Go.

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