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‘Adam Adamant Lives!’ Returning as Audio Drama

PODCASTSBIG FINISH'Adam Adamant Lives!' Returning as Audio Drama

The cult TV favorite, Adam Adamant Lives!, is returning as an audio drama from Big Finish today, January 28.

Adam Adamant was originally created in 1966 by Sidney Newman and Verity Lambert of Doctor Who fame in an effort to create an exciting, action-packed spy drama for the BBC. While most of the original episodes have been wiped, Big Finish hopes to revive the series by bringing in author Guy Adams, who has written audio dramas for Doctor Who and Torchwood for the company. Adams plans to bring justice to the original material with his own dark twist.

The Adam Adamant series followed the titular Edwardian adventurer as he battles his nemesis, The Face, in 1902, only to suddenly finding himself awakening in 1966. He quickly teams up with young Georgina Jones and butler William E. Sims, and the trio race around defeating the bad guys and going on crazy adventures together. Adams plans to keep the quirkiness that gave the original series its charm, but is bringing an element of psychological drama and edge-of-your-seat suspense in this new adaptation.

Milly Thomas, Blake Ritson, and Guy Adams in a promo shoot for ‘Adam Adamant Lives! A Vintage Year for Scoundrels’. Photo courtesy of Big Finish.
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Actor Blake Ritson, from Upstairs Downstairs, DaVinci’s Demons, and Emma is the new voice of Adam.

“He’s quite a vulnerable soul, constantly wrangling with his inner demons which manifest themselves as The Face — a kind of projection of his neuroses. So I think he’s really casting around for someone to help him navigate this modern, strange world. And Georgina is brilliant at anchoring him. She’s a very similar spirit to Adam, with a passion for adventure and investigating.” – Blake Ritson

Milly Thomas, an accomplished playwright and actress on Amazon’s The Feed, is playing Georgina.

“She’s been researching to write a book about an Edwardian adventuress, so she has quite a lot of knowledge of the era, including knowing about Adam. She’s very much a dreamer, preferring this archaic world of mystery, living in the world of her research. And then she meets Adam, and she’s one of the few people who knows exactly who he is and is able to suspend her disbelief about his surviving into modern times. I’m very excited by her optimism.” – Milly Thomas

Check out the title sequence below, and head to the Big Finish website to order Adam Adamant Lives! A Vintage Year for Scoundrels.

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