YouTube Spotlight: Lets Talk About ‘Good Mythical Morning’s’ Rhett and Link

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“Let’s talk about that.”

That introduction can only be made from the one and only dynamic duo Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning. 

Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal have been friends since their elementary school days in Buies Creek, North Carolina. Since then, they have been taking the internet entertainment world by storm. Self-styled themselves as “internetainers” (a blend of internet and entertainers), the duo has a lot to be proud of.

Rhett and Link have over five channels around the YouTube platform which include:

  • Good Mythical Morning: 6,076,465,415 views and 16 million subscribers. This daily comedy show that began in January of 2012 brings fun, laughter, and much more. Watching GMM will become a part of your daily routine.

  • Good Mythical More is simply put as the show after the show where things are a little more relaxed. The channel receives 856,989,508 views and 3.82 million subscriber


  • Rhett and Link: Every Saturday “Mythical Beasts” gets to dive right in with Rhett and Link as they achieve two-man vlog-style status. Launched only at the beginning of this year the channel already has 4.72 million subscribers and 859,861,742 views.


  •  Mythical Kitchen: Run by Mythical chefs Josh, Nicole, and Trevor, they dive into some fancy fast food and recipes from GMM episode favorites. With 1.07 million subs and 27,819,060 views, fans are getting ready to feast on some of their favorite GMM foods.


  • Ear Biscuits: Every Sunday fans head to the table of dim lighting as Rhett and Link discuss things such as pop-culture commentary and personal stories, among many other things. Since being removed from the Good Mythical Morning channel it has 145K subscribers with 9,666,644 views.

YouTube isn’t all they have achieved. Besides tours and concerts, the duo has written two books, The Book of Mythicality and  The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek, launched a channel membership (known as the Mythical Society) and have two seasons of a YouTube Premium series, Buddy System.

To be honest, what haven’t Rhett and Link done yet. Make sure that you catch them daily on Good Mythical Morning and keep up with what they are up to on Twitter.

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