Susan Foreman Heading for the Time War in New Big Finish Stories

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The Doctor’s granddaughter Susan Foreman is back for more adventures. The Doctor’s first companion is going back home to fight in the Time War. Doctor Who: Susan’s War is set to release in April 2020 and will be composed of four brand new stories. It is produced by Big Finish Productions in association with BBC Studios. The titles and writers are already known: 

  • Sphere of Influence by Eddie Robson
  • The Uncertain Shore by Simon Guerrier
  • Assets of War by Lou Morgan
  • The Shoreditch Intervention by Alan Barnes

Carole Ann Ford, who played Susan Foreman for the first time in 1963, reprises her role. Since leaving the show in the second season, Ford has played Susan in the Doctor Who 1983 anniversary episode “The Five Doctors” and in a few Big Finish stories.

Check the synopsis below:

Gallifrey needs every Time Lord to fight the Time War. A summons has been issued across the universe to its prodigals. Whatever their skills, the war effort can use them.
Susan’s call-up papers have arrived, and, unlike her grandfather, she is willing to join her people’s battle and finally return home.

Because Susan knows the Daleks, and she will do her duty…

Susan will not be alone in the war. She is joined by Ian Chesterton (played by original series actor William Russell), which traveled with her and her grandfather on the Tardis and The Doctor himself (played by Paul McGann).

Actor Carole Ann Ford said:

It’s a very complex, interesting and fascinating piece of work which goes backwards and forwards in time in a way we’ve never actually done before in Doctor Who. We’re finding all sorts of extraordinary ways to chase after time machines, and the different phases in Time Lords’ lives are being investigated. “Also, it’s Susan when she’s pushed on a few years. She has different attitudes to things and expects different behavior from people that she’s with. So this is marvelous. She’s a much stronger person, and I really like that.»

Doctor Who: Susan’s War is already available to pre-order on Big Finish’s website in collector’s edition CD format or on download.

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