Creation Entertainment’s ‘Supernatural’ Las Vegas and Nashville Conventions Add New Guest


Creation Entertainment has announced DJ Qualls as the newest guest for the first Salute to Supernatural conventions of 2020 — Las Vegas March 5-8, 2020 and Nashville April 17-19, 2020.

Qualls plays fan-favorite hunter-turned-werewolf, Garth Fitzgerald IV.

He will be appearing onstage Thursday and Friday in Las Vegas, and Friday and Saturday in Nashville. Qualls will be taking photos, doing a Q&A panel, and signing autographs at the show. Tickets for his photo ops and autos can be purchased through Creation Entertainment’s website. His autograph is not included in any Gold or Silver packages at this time.

For the Vegas convention, click here.

For the Nashville convention, click here.

Emma is a fangirl of many different fandoms. She loves comic books, Charmed, Harry Potter, and many others. She has been writing since she was about 13 and taking photos since she was 23 but taking photos at conventions since she was 26. She travels a lot to different fandom conventions. She loves to travel, sing and dance. You can find her on twitter @simplyreflectph or @simplyreflected.

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