Someone Meets a Suspicious Demise on ‘Mayans M.C.’ Season 2, Episode 9


After last week’s explosive episode, what more could happen? Well, apparently a lot. Strap in prospects, this penultimate episode is non-stop action as we gear up for the season two finale.  

If you have not seen the episode, there will be spoilers beyond this point.

The club is at the hospital for Coco and Riz, who got severely wounded from the attack by the VM club. Coco has a patch over his eye and was told he lost vision in both eyes that may come back, and he will have to see a specialist. Riz, however, is hooked up to a machine helping him breathe.

The Kings are on their way down to sit at the table and discuss the options. During the meeting, they remind Bishop about the bigger picture and the good the money from the guns will do for the club as a whole. Also mentioned is if Riz pulls through, they didn’t lose anyone, and the VM will feel like they have gotten their justice. Ultimately, the final call comes from the Santo Padre charter, but if Riz dies, then it is a charter-wide issue. Bishop called Alvarez to get his counsel and opinion on what to do. Bishop is the sway vote, so it is all up to him to make the call. But which is it? 

“Guess we aren’t just motorcycle enthusiasts anymore.” “We never were.” Alvarez is speaking the truth from his many years of experience and wisdom.

At the hospital, Creeper asks Taza about his connection to the VM club and why he never told them. It makes you wonder if Creeper blames Taza just a little bit for what happened. During the vote, Bishop says to them not ignore the logic their head is telling them. Bishop is the final word, and he votes no vengeance. Coco is obviously very heated about that decision and storms out. At the hospital, Taza gets off the phone with Bishop and tells Creeper the decision. Creeper then goes out for air, leaving Taza alone with Riz.  

Before he leaves, Alvarez talks to EZ about Emily and his connection to the death of the clerk. EZ says that he helped her but wouldn’t tell him anything else. After complimenting EZ about how he will do well in the club, Alvarez also reminds him of what will happen if he lies to him. The brief confrontation ends with Alvarez knowing that EZ is lying to him, and EZ knowing that Alvarez knows he is getting lied to. (It feels like that Friends episode, “They don’t know that we know they know we know.”)

Miguel wakes up and finds that he is alone in bed, so he goes downstairs. Emily is outside with a glass of wine and stress smoking. Nestor and Miguel have a heart to heart about his marriage. The next day taking Nestor’s advice, Miguel tells Emily about the leverage he has on Potter. He tells her that he doesn’t want any more lies, he wants them to be able to trust each other again. In typical fashion, instead of coming clean, Emily gets defensive and storms out. Miguel asks Alvarez to dig into the Reyes family, starting with EZ. 

Throughout the episode, the Reyes brothers receive multiple texts from Potter about their decision. With everything going on, they ignore them, which will most likely come back and cause issues since Potter doesn’t like not knowing what is happening. Felipe goes and visits his sons and tells them the story about what is in the lockbox. They learn that he was Federales and on the anti-drug squad, but during his first sting, two civilians were killed. That ultimately would have ended his career if Jose Galindo hadn’t stepped in to help. EZ shares that they know Happy is the one that pulled the trigger, but they don’t know who ordered it. Felipe says they will all meet tonight at his house, including Emily, to put the puzzle pieces together. While getting food, EZ and Gabby talk and flirt, EZ asks her out, and she says yes. (It was nice seeing him smile like that again, maybe he is finally getting over Emily.)

Walking outside to talk to Emily, Dita tells her that in the fire, she wanted to die because she felt that she lost her purpose. She walks off when she gets a call from Felipe. Dita tells Emily that they are going to the day spa and then out for dinner. At the spa, Dita takes Emily outside the back, where Felipe is waiting to take her to talk.

At the home of the Reyes men, they all sit at the kitchen table, going over all the information they have. EZ asks his father why Jose Galindo would want them dead. Sighing, Felipe tells them that he had an affair with Dita. Angel and EZ figure that it was Miguel when he took over the business ten years ago. Emily gets defensive and defends her husband. Despite their issues, she does love him. EZ drives Emily back to the spa, and after receiving another text from Potter, he tells Emily about his threat. Emily says if she helps him with Potter, then would she leave Miguel alone. But he won’t make that promise not to hurt him. 

The episode ends in two earth-shattering incidents. First, when EZ sees Dita while dropping Emily off. He remembers seeing her watch his parents kiss at the fair all those years ago. Storming through the door, EZ looks for a picture of Dita to be sure. When he sees it, he tells his dad and brother that it was, in fact, Dita that found them and ordered their deaths.

Back at the hospital in the room alone with Riz, Taza kisses him on the head and says, “I love you, brother. Forgive me,” before pinching the breathing tube, causing Riz to flatline and die. It was definitely the WTF moment of the series so far. Did someone tell him to do that to Riz so they could get vengeance? Or was it a choice he made on his own? 

A solemn Bishop walks up to the club members at the bar, telling them that Riz didn’t make it. They are going to war. Rest in peace, Michael “Riz” Ariza, brilliantly played by Antonio Jaramillo.

Watch the promo for the season two finale of Mayans M.C. below!

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