The Call is Coming from Inside the House on ‘Riverdale’ Season 4, Episode 4 “Chapter Sixty-One: Halloween”

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Trick or treat fans of Riverdale, answer your doors and phone if you dare.

If you have not seen the episode, there will be spoilers beyond this point.

The episode begins with the Coopers showing the six-hour VHS video that someone filmed of their house. Over time, everyone started getting them. 

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At school, Betty sees two people in scary and all too familiar costumes, the Black Hood and the Gargoyle King. It turns out it is two students that didn’t listen to the no costume rule. For Halloween, Betty dresses up as Laurie from the movie Halloween. When she answers the door for trick or treaters, it is two little kids dressed as the Black Hood and the Gargoyle King. The house phone rings, and it is a heavy breather. It rings again, and this time the person on the other line speaks. It’s a deep male voice saying he is the black hood. Then he asks the spooky Halloween phone line, “Have you checked on the children?” Betty hangs up and locks the door. 

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Betty hears a noise in the house and calls out to Jellybean. She doesn’t answer, so Betty goes upstairs to check on her. When she opens the door, Jellybean is lying on the floor with her throat slit. All of a sudden, Jellybean sits up, telling Betty she got her. The phone rings again, and Betty tells her to stay in her room and lock the door. It is the person claiming to be her father, back taunting her. Now, there’s a noise banging on the front door. She grabs the fireplace poker and opens the door to see Charles there with a pizza. Betty tells Charles what’s been happening, and he suggests they trace the call and find out where it’s coming from. They trace the next call and discover it is coming from the Shady Grove Treatment Center, where Polly has been getting treatment. Charles tells Betty that she would be a good fit for the junior FBI program. Talking to Jughead when everything is done, he says he knows she would find him if he went missing. But they are not alone. Charles is listening in on their phone call, but why?

Toni tells Cheryl that it is time to say goodbye to Jason for good. When they come back in from burying him, there is a creepy-looking doll on the couch. Cheryl thinks it’s the ghost of Jason coming to haunt them. Skeptical, Toni throws it out. Ready for Halloween, Toni is Harley Quinn, and Cheryl is Poison Ivy. While they are making out, the babies start to cry. When they go check on them, they are asleep. Nana Rose says that it was Jason crying in the chapel. Perfectly normal. They go to look into it and find the doll sitting in the chair. It somehow got from the garbage to the chapel. Cheryl says that Jason is mad at them and haunting them through the doll. So what is their solution? Have a Halloween séance during a blood moon to talk to Jason.

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They do the séance with the ouija board, and it moves to the letter J. Nana tells them it is not Jason — it’s Julian. Wait, who? Nana says that they were supposed to be triplets, but Cheryl absorbed the third baby. The new solution is to dig up Jason, put him in the chapel, and bury the doll. Cheryl is happy as she brushes his hair with Toni looking on unsure. Oh yeah, and the creepy doll, it keeps coming back in the house. 

While getting ready for class, Jughead finds an army pamphlet — turns out Moose is thinking of leaving and joining up. In class, they are talking about scary writers, and Jug brought up H.P. Lovecraft. Bret mentions the Stonewall Four mystery and how they are overdue for a vanishing. That sounds like a thinly veiled threat. Later, Jug is reading, looking for information about the Stonewall Four. He is never one to shy away from a good story. Donna gives him a coffee, shortly after he begins to feel dizzy, and then he stands up and passes out. She had drugged the drink. When he wakes up and uses a lighter to see where he is, it turns out he is in a sealed coffin.

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When he bangs on the top to get let out, he is met with silence. The day after Halloween is when Mr. Chipping opens the coffin and lets Jughead out. Apparently, it’s a Stonewall Prep tradition. When he gets back to the room, all of Moose’s belongings and Moose are gone. 

Monroe tells Archie that the crew from the arcade is out for revenge, so they decide to keep their center open later for the kids. Veronica suggests they’re doing a Halloween party to get them to want to come. She even mentions her friend Katy Keen from New York. (Who happens to be getting her own show on The CW in 2020.) The costumes they got from Katy included one for Archie, who was Pureheart the Powerful superhero, and Monroe as The Shield.

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At the community center, Dodger and his guys come in and cause some trouble and threaten one of the kids, Eddy. They leave the building but stay in front of it, and when Archie advances on them Dodger shows that he has a gun. FP calls to tell Archie that he is there. All of a sudden, you hear gunshots. Running outside, they see Eddy lying on the ground shot in the leg. 

Veronica says she will meet up with Archie and Monroe later because she has to finish up at Pop’s. A guy walks into the diner looking for a hot cup of coffee and food, says he is a trucker trying to get home. Veronica gives in and says he can come in for a meal. The guy in the diner shows her a picture of his family.

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When Veronica is getting the guy a piece of the pie, the news comes on saying there is a serial killer on the loose. The description and everything he did is exactly what this guy has done. Realizing that she has been serving the serial killer, Veronica runs down to the bar and turns out the lights. He follows her downstairs and uses his lighter for light. Veronica dumps alcohol on him, sets him on fire, and hits him with a stool and runs. 

The episode ends with FP and Betty in a morgue, there to identify Jughead’s body, what is happening!?

Watch the trailer for the next Riverdale episode below!

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