Saturday, October 16, 2021

VOTE: Round Two of Nerds and Beyond’s ‘Supernatural’ Awards!

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The television show, Supernatural, has just started its fifteenth season, and those of us here at Nerds and Beyond are shocked that the epic story continues to not get the full recognition it should. Due to the sci-fi horror nature of the story, Supernatural tends to be thrown into the box with only the fans of the show realizing the incredibly moving and inspiring storytelling shown on screen. Since the big awards shows (aside from People’s Choice and Teen Choice Awards) don’t recognize the amazing acting, cinematography, world-building, and creativity that Supernatural has shown since 2005, we have decided that we are going to step up and show appreciation ourselves for the show that deserves so much more.

Over the course of Supernatural’s final season, Nerds and Beyond will be running our own Supernatural Awards! We will begin by accepting nominations for categories that will be slowly released over the next few months before moving onto polls to vote for the top nominated answers. At the conclusion of the season, the winners will be announced!

Find the categories for our second round below. Please only submit one nomination per category. And yes, we do know how very difficult that can be which is why all of you are choosing and not us. 🙂

  1. Favorite episode of Supernatural season FOUR.
  1. Favorite episode of Supernatural season FIVE.
  1. Favorite episode of Supernatural season SIX.
  1. Favorite meta episode (ex: Fan Fiction, The French Mistake, Monster at the End of This Book, etc).
  1. Favorite Weapon (ex: Colt, Angel Blade, First Blade, etc.)
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Submit your choices here or by using the form below.

Thanks to Hailee for her help with this project!

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