‘Mayans M.C.’ Season Two, Episode Five Recap: “Xquic”


We are halfway through the second season of Mayans M.C. and anxiously waiting on news for a third season. This week’s episode brings all the emotions as Angel comes to some realizations and truths, while Emily does some digging into Dita’s past.

If you have not seen the episode, there will be spoilers beyond this point.

Seeing that Miguel is back, Emily walks out to the patio, asking when he got home. He tells her that he just got in and then about everything that happened with Adelita sacrificing herself and the guilt that he let it happen. Emily, taking in his reaction, jumps to a conclusion and asks Miguel if he loves Adelita.

Miguel assures his feelings towards the rebel leader has changed from hate to understanding, to respect what she is doing for her people. Interrupting the unsolved conversation, Alvarez comes out saying that Potter is on the phone. Wanting to know more about the picture she found in Dita’s nightstand, Emily goes out and signs into a secure storage room and finds other photos and documents. This digging into Dita and Felipe’s past is not going to end well for her when Dita finds out. Emily goes to visit Felipe to ask about the pictures and relationship he had with the Galindos and that she saw his truck the other day near the therapy office. Felipe tells her that the past is just that for a reason, and asks if she showed anyone else the information, she tells him she hasn’t.

When we first see the rebel queen Adelita in the episode, the mercenaries have been keeping her in a dog cage. Potter is not pleased that they kept her in there; he lets her out and tries to be friendly while talking. Remaining the badass she is, Adelita interrupts him wanting to know what he wants from her.

They are placing Adelita in a holding facility until the baby is born, and then they want to know everything she knows. Potter admits that they are going to torture her for the information, but she will not cave so they will use her child as leverage. The way that Potter carries himself and acts around Adelita, it seems that he has an infatuation with her.

The Reyes brothers are back in Santo Padre, and head back to the clubhouse and are greeted by angry brothers. Bishop angrily confronts them about the Swole Boys and that they should have called. Bishop calls Angel out for not thinking things through, then walks away to take a call. After he gets off the phone, Bishop tells them that Adelita got captured, Angel’s reaction to this news is like a punch to the gut. The same time their father pulls into the lot, Angel walks quickly to him with an unreadable expression on his face and hugs him hard and begins to cry. While getting the beer, the brothers talk about what to say to their father, realizing they don’t even know him. EZ says they will wait until they have the information from Happy about their mother’s death, EZ also reassures his brother that he is here for him.

Sitting on the truck’s tailgate in awkwardness, Angel apologizes to his dad for shutting him out. Chucky shows up and tells them that Taza called because Bishop wants everyone at the dress warehouse ASAP. Before leaving, Chucky says he is happy that the family bond seems to be back and stronger. Getting things ready and planning how to save Adelita, Bishop puts Angel on communication duty in the tunnels. Since Angel has to step back until what to do about the Swole Boys incident is decided.

Angel’s anger takes over again and he yells at Bishop that he is going to find her, and if he wants to stop him, he will have to shoot him in the back. With the tension brewing between them a fight begins, Bishop takes Angel down, and Angel finally yells out, “It’s my kid.” He tells the club that he is the father of Adelita’s baby, Bishop helps Angel up and they hug it out.

Dressed in civilian clothes, the club watched the house where the mercenaries are holding Adelita. Angel is letting his anger get the better of him and questions Bishop in front of the club again. EZ reassures his brother that he will be a good father, the brothers talk about how Angel didn’t visit EZ while he was in jail for the eight years and that he is sorry for being a bad brother. It seems they are rebuilding their bond, and it may come back stronger.

The mercenaries have two decoys, both pregnant women, to confuse anyone that tries to save Adelita. All the women have bags over their heads. While following a vehicle they believe Adelita is in, the woman inside it water breaks. Luckily the club notices that it is the wrong car and leave. On the side of the road regrouping, EZ remembers seeing a blue car, so they go after it and kill the two people in it. The woman in the car was an FBI agent and on the phone with Potter when the MC drove up, so did Potter hear that it was them? Angel and Adelita have a sweet moment together before telling them that they have to go. Her capture has to happen. Angel has tears in his eyes, not wanting to leave her, EZ pulls him away, and they get in the back of the truck. Driving off, Angel looks at Adelita as the cops drive up.

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