‘Bernice Summerfield and the Squire’s Crystal’ and ‘Benny in Wonderland: A Colouring Book’ Available Now

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Image Courtesy Big Finish.
Image Courtesy Big Finish.

Lisa Bowerman is coming back as Bernice Summerfield in an audio adaptation of Jacqueline Rayner novel’s Bernice Summerfield and the Squire’s Crystal.  The audiobook is produced by Xanna Eve Chown and is only available as a download on Big Finish’s website.

Producer, Xanna Eve Chown said,“This is probably the most important story in the ‘How Benny started’ canon, because Benny’s mind ends up in a man’s body – and then Benny’s body is taken over by someone else – and that leads ultimately, of course, to the birth of her son, Peter!”

“It’s been so much fun recording all these original Benny stories with Lisa Bowerman, looking back on how it all began! And we got a bit silly with some of the extras… Sorry about that!” she continued.

Writer Jacqueline Rayner added, “Benny began in prose, and it’s fun to write for her in that medium. But these days, it feels like there’s something missing if Lisa Bowerman’s not bringing her to life. So it’s just fabulous to hear her saying these words after so many years.”

You can read the synopsis below:

Legend tells of an evil sorceress who used the power of magical crystals to transfer her mind into the bodies of others. Her reign of terror was long and bloody, and her final defeat the cause of great rejoicing. But that’s just a legend. A story told to children. Isn’t it? I mean, it’s ridiculous. It couldn’t have really happened… could it?

Finding the last resting place of the Crystal Sorceress is an archaeological dream on a par with discovering the Holy Grail. So it’s hardly likely that someone will just offer the solution to Professor Bernice Summerfield on a plate. But sometimes the unlikely actually happens.

And one thing that’s very, very unlikely is that Benny will suddenly find herself to be a member of the opposite gender…

Big Finish also released a Bernice Summerfield coloring book called Benny In Wonderland: A Colouring Book.

Image Courtesy Big Finish.

The book is composed of more than 50 pages of pictures to color and dot-to-dot puzzles. A new Bernice Summerfield adventure is also part of the book. The creator, Paul Cornell wrote a foreword for the book and Lisa Bowerman penned the afterword.

Benny in Wonderland: A Colouring Book is available to order here.

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