Friday, July 1, 2022

New Stands Charms and Pins Now Available

Stands has released several new Supernatural items that will benefit various charities. The items include four new charms for the Supernatural Embracelet and charm necklace, as well as a couple enamel pins.

Below are the newly added items:

Struggle Bus pin and charm

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The Struggle Bus items feature, you guessed it, a school bus with “struggle” written across the side. Profits from the Struggle Bus will benefit Dreams to Acts: Nicaragua, a project run by Random Acts that will help bring a school bus to the free high school built through the charity.

Courtesy of Stands

Juliet the Hellhound’s Collar charm

Next up is a collar charm for Juliet, Crowley’s beloved hellhound. The charm will benefit Animal Allies, a non-profit dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned animals. An invisible hellhound may or may not be included with your purchase.

Courtesy of Stands

Don’t Forget the Pie charm

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Dean Winchester would be remiss if you forgot to buy one of the most important charms of all: the pie charm. The charm is a little slice of pie with “don’t forget” written across it, you know, so you NEVER forget the pie. All proceeds will also benefit Dreams to Acts: Nicaragua.

Courtesy of Stands

Heaven’s Portal enamel pin

You’ve probably already seen the charm version, and now you can add the pin version of Heaven’s portal to your collection. Proceeds will benefit Random Acts.

Courtesy of Stands

Jim Beaver’s “Idjits” Baseball Cap charm

Last but not least is a charm featuring Bobby Singer’s infamous “Idjits!” line. The charm is in the shape of a baseball cap, with the word written across the front. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Rainbow House, a non-profit that provides essentials to those in need in the Cherokee Nation.

Courtesy of Stands

All items listed, as well as many others, are available through the Stands website. You can follow Stands on Twitter to keep up with the latest news and upcoming items.

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