‘Mayans M.C.’ Season Two, Episode Two Recap: “Xaman-Ek”

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Image courtesy of 'Mayans M.C.'
Image courtesy of ‘Mayans M.C.’

“It’s about mom, I know who killed her.”

That sentence from EZ is what ended last week’s episode. All the evidence that we have seen so far shows that Happy does know who their mother and father are, and he was the one EZ was chasing the night he was arrested. So, is a character that fans love from Sons of Anarchy, the reason Angel and EZ, two characters fans now love from Mayans M.C. lost their mother?

If you have not seen the episode there will be spoilers beyond this point.

The episode begins where it left off, Angel has all the information EZ has collected on Happy out on his table. EZ tells his brother that he and his pops are the only things he knows are real, that he stayed because he was afraid to leave and needs to belong to something. He finishes by saying that he is not the golden boy and apologizing for betraying him. Angel can see that he has the same look in his eyes that he did over eight years ago and is not going to let it go until it is done, Angel says he is with EZ in this. In true EZ fashion, he has created detailed reports on Happy’s arrest records, a timeline, and even did a psych evaluation based on what he has. Because he has no solid proof, EZ can’t go to the cops, he can’t go to the club because of their relationship with SAMCRO, and he has not told his father.

Bishop is happy to see the brothers walk in together, EZ says he has to go to Stockton for some parole paperwork and wants to ride there with Angel. At first, Bishop is against the idea, but when EZ mentions it will give them more time to work on their issues, he agrees. This road trip also meant we were in for a brother-centered episode. With the dynamic and humorous interactions between JD Pardo and Clayton Cardenas, you would think they were brothers in real life.

Also revealed this week was who the father of Adelita’s baby is. Before going on the road with his brother, Angel goes to see Adelita and rubs her belly and tells the little one he loves him and rests his head on her stomach to listen to the baby. Adelita then responds with “She has been kicking all day”, it is a sweet moment between the couple outside of both of their chaotic lives. Angel asks her when he can tell his family that he is going to be a father, she wants to wait until after the baby is born and they are safe before telling his family and the club. Adelita then expresses her worry for Mini, they haven’t been apart much.

Meanwhile, Mini is packing her book bag to run away. When the MC gets there to get Adelita’s things, Pablo tells them Mini is gone. They figure she is either on the run or trying to get to Adelita, so they get a photo of her and begin the search. The only thing is the club are not the only ones looking for her, the mercenaries are going around town with photos of Mini and Adelita trying to find them as well. While asking a bunch of shops if they have seen Mini, Bishop notices the mercenaries pull up and figure they are looking for her and Adelita. With not finding the young girl and seeing the mercenaries drive off, they get in the back of Pablo’s truck. All of a sudden, a gun pokes out from under the tarp, they all pull their guns out and lift the tarp to find Mini, she saw the truck and hid and apologizes. Coco tells her it’s not her fault and she goes to him. Adelita thanks them for finding her and bringing her, she tells them that all Mini knows is how to run, which Coco gets. Adelita tells Coco that Mini feels safe with him.

In business mode, Emily goes to drop off her proposal and runs into a friend who mentions she had dinner with her mom, who Emily is not close to anymore. In the conversation, Emily finds out that there are six other bids when it should just be theirs. Angry, she barges into the mayor’s office to find out what is going on, the mayor mentions about how hard it has been to get funding for the town since it’s all going towards the damn wall. When word got out about the policy change for the Galindo’s, other proposals started to come in from big companies that can help their economy. Not budging, Emily angrily reminds her that it is because of her husband any of it is happening at all and storms out. She calls her husband, Miguel, to tell him the mayor screwed them, he leaves his mother with Nestor at the doctors and goes to Emily. Miguel assures his wife that he will handle it but knowing what that means doesn’t want him to ruin his hard work at going legit. Nestor shows up and tells Miguel and Emily that he doesn’t know where Dita is.

On their road trip to Stockton, the brothers stop at a mini-mart and talk about what they are going to do when they get to Happy’s. Angel asks his brother if he trusts him, without missing a beat EZ tells him of course.

All of a sudden, two members of a local club called the Swole Boys to pull in on their crotch rocket motorcycles asking why they didn’t get a courtesy call that they would be in their territory. After both sides say a few insults, Angel pulls his gun and delivers the best lines of the episode (bravo to the writers.)

“You poser fucking douchebags. What? Did you guys watch some bullshit TV show and think a vest and two wheels makes you a club?”

Back on the road, Angel sees an arcade and tells EZ they are going because the ride is the only non-complicated part so let’s make it last. During playing skeet ball they reminisce about their father where Angel mentions they do not know a lot about him. When they are playing mini-golf, a girl associated with the Swole Boys calls and tells them about seeing the brothers.

When they are leaving the brothers are greeted by what looks to be all of the local motorcycle clubs, EZ grabs the mini golf clubs and a brief fight ensues. When Angel and EZ get to their bikes, EZ hands Angel his gun, he shoots the tires of a nearby car and a chase begins. The cops arrive following everyone on a motorcycle, Angel turns to the other club and reminds him “patches over badges always.” The guy tells Angel this is not over before they make a cloud from spinning their wheels so everyone can getaway. With the unfinished business, we know we have not seen the last of them.

When Dita comes out of her doctor’s appointment, she does not see her son just Nestor, so she slips out the backdoor (what is she up to?) She walks into the Reyes butcher shop, “Hola Ignacio.” It appears she knows him from his old life. Felipe drives Dita home and tells her that his boys have another name and do not know anything about his past.

Right before he drops her off, he asks if she ever found out — creating more questions about their history. When she gets out of the truck, she tells her son that she went out the back for some air and got disoriented, and when Felipe found out who she was he offered to drive her home. You can tell that Emily and Miguel are suspicious of why she would go to the butcher shop. In her bed, Dita pulls out a photo of her and her late husband and unfolds the rest of it revealing Felipe and his old partner.

The mercenaries, after finding out the MC was looking for the young girl but not Adelita, figure they know where she is, so they add the Mayans to their watch list and put a tracking device under their vehicle. Angel, EZ, and the Stockton Mayans are outside having food from a taco truck when Medina, a Stockton member, goes off to the woods nearby to relieve himself. He sees two local cops, one getting a blow job while the other records it — they hear him and shoot. While throwing away the trash EZ and the others hear the gunshot and go running in that direction. EZ is the first one there since he was closer and sees the car drive off, he checks on Medina, but it is too late, he is dead.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments below.

See you next episode prospects.

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