Release Party for ‘The Infinite Noise’ By Lauren Shippen On September 24

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Lauren Shippen’s debut novel, Infinite Noise, will be available as of September 24, and to celebrate she is having a release party presented by Skylight Books. It will be held at Dynasty Typewriter located in Los Angeles, California. Also in attendance and there to join the conversation with Lauren is the author of Ship It, Britta Lundin. Tickets are still available; you can purchase them here

Shippen is a writer, creator, and founder of Atypical Artists. She is known for the audio drama The Bright Sessions, executive producer of The AM Archives, co-producer of Passenger List, and writer for the audio adaptation of the comic book MARVELS. Her first novel in what will be a trilogy will be introducing and exploring different characters from the podcast, The Bright Sessions. The second novel will be about antagonist Damien, and the third will be about a dream walker named Rose.

The Infinite Noise is a beautiful multi-layered YA LGBTQ coming-of-age love story (you can read our review here.) It follows Caleb Michaels, a high school football player who gets sent to see therapist Dr. Bright after being involved in a fight. All of her clients are “atypical,” including Caleb, who soon learns he is an empath. We also meet the intelligent and introverted Adam Hayes and, as the story progresses, he and Caleb spend more time together and get closer; eventually, Adam becomes an anchor for him. As sparks fly, both characters develop a deep connection with one another, love.

After the release party, Shippen will be starting her book signing tour. You can see her in San Diego, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, New York Comic Con, and more. For the full list and information signings, you can go to

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