PHOTOS: ‘Supernatural’ Cast at DragonCon 2019


For the first time in memory, a number of prominent Supernatural cast members graced the panel stages of DragonCon. Due to schedule constraints and prior obligations — like filming — the exact lineup each day varied, though cast panels took place each of the primary four days of the convention.


Friday morning was kicked off by a solo panel featuring Mark Sheppard who talked about his many roles in genre television; from Firefly and Warehouse 13 to Supernatural and Doom Patrol. Most memorable was his assertion that he’s never played a villain, because a villain never thinks he is one.

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A little while later Kim Rhodes and Samantha Smith took the stage for what I’ve dubbed the “Supernatural Mom Panel.” This was the first time Kim or Sam had attended DragonCon and both found the format to be different than they were used to. Kim even tried to climb over the table, declaring that we, the audience, were too far away.

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They proceeded to talk about the differences in conventions, the ending of the show, their characters relationship with Sam and Dean, and took questions from the audience.

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The Supernatural panel for Saturday was scheduled to include Samantha Smith, Kim Rhodes, DJ Qualls and Sebastian Roche, however we all got a fantastic surprise when Ruth Connell joined in the fun. Because she was not originally expected, there was no chair for our favorite red-headed witch, so of course, Kim offered her lap until one could be procured.

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The cast took questions from the audience including which episodes were their favorites. To which Sam answered “Baby;” DJ said “Party on Garth;” Kim chose “Alex, Annie, Alexis, Anne.”

Ruth chose “Regarding Dean” and Sebastian couldn’t choose between “My Heart Will Go On” and “The French Mistake.” For the panel, DJ decided to play a game to give away a 24-karat gold tooth brush to whoever could guess the number he had chosen. Each person who asked a question for a chance to guess. This was a fun added element to the panel, with the winner being a Mary Winchester cosplayer.

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Ty Olssen joined the group for Sunday’s panel, which filled the large panel room near capacity, quite a feat at 11 a.m. on Sunday of DragonCon; the con that doesn’t sleep until the sun comes up. Much like the previous panels, the cast joked with each other and answered questions from the audience. One notable question asked the actors if they could play any other character on the show, who would they choose? Kim made everyone laugh by saying Baby, though she quickly shut down the dirty minds in the room. Ty said “Who wouldn’t want to be Dean?” While Ruth chose Sam because she’d like to know what the world looked like from up there.

Image courtesy of Staff Writer, Heather/HM Photography

Other notable moments included when Kim basically dragged Charlie Capen on stage to talk about GISH since a large portion of the audience didn’t know about the organization.

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And DJ’s account of how difficult it was to use the restroom with the werewolf claws in season 14 had the whole audience laughing. I know I nearly fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard.

Image courtesy of Staff Writer, Heather/HM Photography

This year’s inclusion of Supernatural cast DragonCon was absolutely brilliant. They were funny and open, willing to share new and old stories alike. I hope they all return to DragonCon next year!

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DragonCon is Atlanta’s internationally known pop culture, fantasy, sci-fi and gaming convention. A record 85,000 people attended the five-day celebration. Dragon Con 2020 will return to downtown Atlanta for the five-day Labor Day Weekend, September 3-7, 2020. Tickets are already available here.

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