Ruth Connell Joining First Public Reading of ‘Heretics’


Ruth Connell – Courtesy of Kelsi Sickmann, Staff Photographer

Ruth Connell will be participating in the first public reading of Heretics by Ellie Pyle in the Bespoke Plays series. She is performing on Wednesday, September 25 at The Broadwater Mainstage and Thursday, September 26 at The Broadwater Blackbox. While Ruth plays our favorite witch, Rowena on Supernatural, she is also an award-winning Scottish actress in both theater and film, a dancer, and a producer. Anyone in the Los Angeles area should check out the show and enjoy Ruth’s performance first hand.

Heretics is described on the website as follows:

‘HERETICS’ tells the story of Magali, a noblewoman raised to believe that she carries the Magdalene bloodline, and a sacred duty to pass it on. But in 13th-century Languedoc, Cathars see procreation as a sin, the Catholic Church burns those “good Christians” by the hundreds, and Troubadours sing that marriage is no impediment to true love. These are just some of the heresies in this stirring meditation on Truth, and how Love and Faith can reveal it or become its opposition. Part courtly romance, part spiritual allegory, it is based on meticulous research, but refuses to let history get in the way of a good story.

Bespoke Plays is a project of Fractured Atlas, which is an arts non-profit service organization. The goal of Bespoke Plays is to open opportunities between New York and Los Angeles writers to tell their diverse stories through customized stage readings. Check them out on Twitter!

Don’t forget to reserve your tickets here.

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