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Martha Jones Is Coming Back in Big Finish’s ‘Torchwood: Dissected’

BBCDOCTOR WHOMartha Jones Is Coming Back in Big Finish's 'Torchwood: Dissected'
Image courtesy of Big Finish

Former Doctor Who companion Freema Agyeman is coming back next year in the Torchwood audio drama universe published by Big Finish. Agyeman will reprise her role of Martha Jones along with Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper) in a new episode of the Torchwood monthly range called Torchwood: Dissected.

The story is written by Tim Foley and directed by Scott Handcock and will be published in February 2020.

Martha Jones was last seen in the Doctor Who episode “The End of Time: Part Two” and we will learn what happened to her in the interval.

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Read the synopsis here:

Gwen Cooper turns up on Martha Jones’s doorstep with a dead body in tow. She needs to ask one final favour of her. And to find out why they stopped being friends.

A lot’s happened to Torchwood since Martha left. A lot’s happened to Martha since she left Torchwood. And there’s something very odd about the dead body Gwen’s brought with her.

Tonight Gwen’s going to be getting more answers than she bargained for.

Check the official annoucement here!

Torchwood: Dissected will be out in February 2020 and is already available to preorder here.

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