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This summer’s “hellatus” from Supernatural has been especially long and difficult, because we’re awaiting our favorite show’s final season. We want it to hurry up and get here, but we also don’t want that. To make the wait a little less painful, we’ve been highlighting our favorite moments for each main character of the series. We’ll have two more installments after today’s article.

So as the struggle continues, and we count down the minutes to the season 15 premiere on October 10th, let’s take a look at some our favorite season 14 moments from everyone’s favorite fallen angel, Castiel.

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My favorite Castiel moment from season 14 of Supernatural came from “Gods and Monsters.” I really felt this episode showcased Castiel’s character growth over the 10 years he’s been on the show. The audience was really able to see how human he had become. It was so powerful to hear him talk about surviving the fall and recognizing that his greatest strength was himself. “The past, where you came from, that’s important. But it is not as important as the future and where you’re going,” will forever have a profound impact on me and the rest of the audience. When he was speaking to Nick and said, “This is Jimmy Novak” while referring to his vessel, it was so different from when we first met him in “Lazarus Rising” and he referred to Jimmy Novak as his vessel.

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Castiel has grown immensely over the past 10 seasons he’s been a part of the show. Being around Sam and Dean has taught him what it’s like being human, along with his own short time without his grace. He is a skilled fighter, but now fights for what is right, not just the path chosen for him. He will even fight his fellow angels if it means protecting those he sees as family, and he will go to the ends of the Earth to protect them — especially when it comes to Jack. In season 12, Castiel vowed to protect Jack, and he has not broken that promise. In “Game Night,” Castiel decided to team up with Anael to find a way to contact God. I loved watching these two interact! Castiel knew just how to get her to agree to help, showing just how smart he is. He is desperate to help Jack, sure, but he showed in that episode that he never stopped believing either. He grabs on to that amulet and gives it all he’s got in order to help Jack. His parting words to Anael were incredibly meaningful, too. He told her that they were not alone, which just further proves that he is far from the angel first introduced to us a decade earlier. He is wiser and full of empathy, and I cannot wait to see what is next for Castiel!

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This season, Castiel was more of the Warrior Cas I have been missing. He was determined to fight and save his family, even as he struggled to keep Dean from Michael, while still helping Sam and being there for Jack. When Jack got sick, Cas did everything he could to save him, even going as far as making a deal with the Empty to bring Jack back to life. Castiel stood by the Winchesters and Jack all season, so that none of them felt like they had to do it on their own.

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Castiel has come full-circle in this season. So many of us have welcomed “warrior” Cas back. I love how he’s fighting harder than he ever has for Jack and the Winchesters. Everything he did this season was spectacular. Having talked about his growth, I have to say that I think my favorite Cas moment this season came from “Lebanon” when we took a “trip to the past” and got to hear Castiel say, “I’m Castiel, an Angel of the Lord” again. I’m seeing these moments already where the writers/showrunners are saying, “We see you fans” and writing these iconic throwbacks and remembrances as the series winds to a close. I love and appreciate that.

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One of my favorite Castiel moments from season 14 is in the finale where Castiel and Jack have a heart-to-heart moment. He has treated Jack like a son and promised his mother that he would protect him. He tries to save Jack and tries to find a better way to help rather than ending Jack’s life. Castiel has always done his best to do the right thing and save everyone he cares about. I appreciated his loyalty shown in this season, and I am looking forward to next season!

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My favorite Castiel moment from season 14 would be from “Peace of Mind,” the 15th episode. In this episode, Sam and Castiel travel to a town in Arkansas that seems to be stuck in the past — people there do not even seem to know what cell phones are! During the episode, Sam gets brainwashed into becoming one of the townsfolk and is clearly under a spell, and Castiel has to get him to snap out of it. When Sam and Castiel were fighting, Castiel mentions that he knows what it’s like to lose an army, to fail as a leader, but that he can’t lose himself. “You have to keep fighting.”  Side note: besides the message that Sam needs to keep fighting, the episode had one of my favorite Castiel lines from the season, which is “God has a beard!”

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My favorite moment of Castiel’s was in episode 19 titled “Jack in the Box.” The tension is already noticeably heightened for the Winchesters from Jack killing their mother, Mary, in the episode before. But they have failed to take notice of how the situation will affect the angel. As Dean and Sam are drinking whiskey after capturing Jack in the Ma’lak box, Castiel steps into the kitchen unknown to what has transpired. You can see the doubts circling in Sam’s head, knowing if it was the two of them who had made a mistake, then the other would try to help the other from whatever supernatural entity had overtaken them. Castiel, however, is the only one who truly stands up to Dean and points out that he is manipulating Jack. This scene is powerful because he’s really come into his own, having glimpses into his personality in the earlier seasons with not being afraid to voice different opinions around the brothers whilst also being on his own path.

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