‘The 100’ Season Six, Episode 13 Review: “The Blood of Sanctum”

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Image courtesy of The 100 / The CW
Image courtesy of The 100 / The CW

Previously on The 100: Octavia wants to fight side-by-side with Bellamy; Diyoza wants to name her daughter Hope; King Russell wants to purify the non-believers; the good folks of Sanctum want to kill all the Earthers; Murphy wants (Emori and himself) to live forever; Russell wants Abby to be the new Simone; Clarke wants to compliment Murphy on saving the people; Murphy wants Clarke to know he knows she’s Clarke and not Josephine; Indra probably wants to kill e’rrone.

We open with where we left off last week: Team Russell, Absmone, Joseclarke have Madi, Raven, and Gaia at gunpoint. There’s a brief standoff with Indra in which Joseclarke secures the victory. King Russell lays out the plans to go to Planet Beta. It’ll take 20 years, but hey, what’s that when you can live forever, amirite? Just as Russell is ordering the Earthers back into cryo, Madi pulls a Sheidheda and orders gunfire. She is the leader, after all. Clarke has to knock her out to get control, and if you think that didn’t affect her, you are wrong.

Gaia hands Raven Becca Primeheda’s magical journal and hatches a plan to get them out of this mess while Russell, Joseclarke and some red shirt Primes discuss how they don’t even know if Planet Beta is survivable. But if it isn’t, they’ll try Planet Gamma, Planet Delta, Planet Epsilon…Omega. (And who said I’d never use my knowledge of the Greek alphabet I was forced to memorize in college as a Delta Zeta pledge again?) There’s discussion about how to deal with the Earthers. Russell is pro-Madi staying alive to control the people and Simone is pro-death to Madi. (Man, these two just scream opposites attract, don’t they?) There’s talk of not wanting to clean latrines, so Madi lives and the sleeping army gets mind-swiped for their future bodies.

Joseclarke is forced to weigh in on the sitch.

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Credits roll. Have I mentioned how I like all the pretty colors in the credits? Well, I do.

Bellamy and Co. are holed up in the palace as the crowd tries to burst in. Silence falls, and the Earthers get gassed. They wake as “non-believers” and the conversion ceremony begins.

“Do you or do you not believe in the divinity of the Primes?”

Good thing they ask a random Child of Gabriel first, cuz she was a non-believer and now she dead. Miller and Octavia are smarter and choose to drink the whatever the Sanctum version of Kool-Aid is. Echo’s up next, but she doesn’t get the chance, because Murphy and Emori stroll in as Daniel and Kaylee wanting to know what’s up. They quickly assert their Primeness over the people and get to decide what to do with the Earthers, which is… take them to the palace.

So, on the way, a guy runs in and is happy to see Murphy, I mean Daniel. So happy, he plants a sloppy wet one on him. Murphy is…taken aback. “That was… interesting,” he says. He shrugs him off for another time and then leads Bellamy and Co. off in search of Jordan. (Thank the Primes someone finally remembered Jordan!)  They barely escape yet another mob of Sanctum citizens hellbent on their destruction.

On board Elegius IV: Joseclarke gets confirmation that Abby is really gone up in her own head. She points a gun at her as King Russell puts it all together — Josie isn’t in Clarke’s body/mind anymore. Clarke runs off as the royal couple make plans to go after Madi.

Madi, however, is lying unconscious on a table as Raven and Becca’s magic journal attempt to rid her of Sheidheda. Someone ponders how Raven knows what to do. Her response is probably one of my fave lines from this episode: “City of Light Community College.”


As Raven types about 200 wpm, Indra reflects on the time she saw Sheidheda and how he killed pretty much all of the Treekru. It was bad, yo. Raven finds a “kill code” which will rid Madi of her demon but will also destroy the flame in the process. As seda, (a.k.a. heda babysitter), it falls to Gaia to make the choice. Guess what she chooses?

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Russell comes in and screws it all up, taking Madi elsewhere.

Absmone finds Clarke, and once Clarke threatens to float everyone, Abby reveals herself as Abby!! She kills a bitch, then Clarke wises up, asking a question only Abby could answer. “What’s my father’s name?”

Absmone does not know. She gets floated.

Wow. Abby is really gone too. I’m not surprised, yet surprised at the same time. This means the writers are very very good.

Elsewhere on the ship, Sheidheda offers Russell some sweet revenge, therefore, inadvertantly saving Clarke’s life.

Down on Sanctum, we zoom in Jordan who’s doing some extreme Sanctum meditation. A Sanctum yogi tells him, “Let the blood of Sanctum do its work…know the Primes will protect you…but only if you believe.” Murphy and the gang arrive to save him. Only, he’s going through Adjustment Protocol and is a bit out of it. Gabriel does the exposition: the blood of sanctum is only partially real blood. It’s actually mixed with pure Red Sun Toxin.

Bellamy is confused about why the people of Sanctum are still sticking to the “Primes are holy” after they’d been told the truth. Octavia explains: if they accept the truth, their lives will mean nothing. She knows, because it’s why she did what she did.

Gabriel wants Murphy to help him into the inter-sanctum (Ha! I made a funny!) so he can help save the non-believers. Murphy is not a fan of the plan. Octavia wants to help them because, if you remember, she’s on her atonement tour. Bellamy agrees to fight “side by side” with her. Echo calls back to Monty’s plea: It’s time to do better. *sniff* Emori wants to help too, but since Kaylee was against the Adjustment Protocol, the Sanctumites won’t buy her act. It’s left to Murphy, who agrees. Reluctantly. “Being a god should be more fun than this.”

On board Elegius IV: Clarke finds out that Russell took Madi. Gaia is ready to drop some bodies over it, but Madi strolls in with Russell and orders everyone to take a knee. She speaks to Clarke, namedropping Lexa, calling them both weak. OUCH. Desperate, Clarke pulls a gun and points it to her own temple, begging Madi to take over from Sheidheda. Ooooh, playing Chicken with an evil mastermind.

Luckily, Madi is still in there and Clarke is saved from suicide. Only Sheidheda is not happy in there. He attacks from within and Madi starts seizing. Raven types and Clarke begs Madi to fight. Good news: Becca’s magic journal works to rid Madi’s body of Sheidheda, but Madi’s pulse is very weak and she won’t wake up. Jackson has to physically remove the flame from her body. It comes out, and Madi will live! Hoorah! Cheers all ’round.


Hold it.

There’s a beeping noise that Indra hears before anyone else. Because: Indra. Something isn’t right. Sure enough, when Raven checks the computer it says this:

Image courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

Uh-oh. Where did Sheidheda go?

Don’t know, don’t care right now, because we’re about to be treated to another episode of the John Murphy Show, starring John Murphy.

As Daniel the Prime, he drags “the demon” Gabriel into the town square for an Adjustment Protocol. They go inside to find Daniel’s apparent lover, Zeb, residing over the Adjustment Protocol proceedings. Murphy’s got to convince Zeb he’s a-okay. He claims something went wrong with his resurrection, and his memory is shot. He asks for a little readjustment because of it. Zeb offers the Blood of Sanctum, which Murphy takes.

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Good thing he and Gabriel had prepped for it and took the antidote before they enacted this plan!

Well, good thing until the crazy believer lady locks them all into the building and pours gas all over it, “purifying” Sanctum with fire. Ack!

Bellamy, Octavia, and Echo approach and fight side-by-side. (By side.)

Inside, Murphy and Gabriel attack and fight their way out side-by-side.

Outside: fighting, punching, kicking, screaming. Crazy lady douses herself in gas, running toward…everyone basically. Octavia jumps in front of her to save her people. Fortunately, she was wearing a few layers of clothes, so she comes out unscathed. However, Gabriel gets a glimpse of Octavia’s back (thanks to her low-back tank top) and finds a message from the anomaly stone. What does it mean? It means Octavia has to go back inside.

As morning breaks the next day, Clarke, Madi, and the Elegius IV folks meet up with Bellamy and Co. Bellamy checks on Jordan, who is okay, but decides to stay on Sanctum to help clean up “our mess.” Awww. He’s just like Monty and Harper!

Jackson and Miller reunite. Emori and Murphy reunite. And this:

Images courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

Clarke tried to do better, but she lost her mom. Bellamy tells her that they did better and it matters. Honestly, it’s a sweet scene that is very “them.”

We pan out to ominous music. Gabriel is beside himself with the anomaly business. We follow him down to his secret underground lair and find a floaty round object with the same writing as Octavia’s back.

This thing:

Image courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

Gabriel knows nothing about it really, but consults a drawing of Octavia’s back tat and pushes those symbols on the globe. The last symbol has a special name and is arrived at by advanced mathematics “above Gabriel’s head.”

OH. MY. GAWD. I want Daniel Jackson to come out of this anomaly so bad!

Octavia pushes the last symbol and…

…a green energy wave travels across the land…

…Octavia says, “She’s here.”

… and a grown-up Hope (Diyoza’s kid daughter, previously of the previously) comes out of the energy…

…She approaches Octavia and they whisper something about “him” having her mother…

…and Hope backs away…

…Octavia whispers, “Tell him it’s done…”

…Bellamy wonders what’s happening…

…Octavia takes a step backward…

…and falls into Bellamy’s arms…

…the green energy wave overtakes her and she disappears…

…Hope falls to the ground…

…Bellamy notices blood on his hands…

…he runs outside as the energy dissipates…

…pan out to the planet view from the anomaly…

…fade to black as Bellamy screams “Octavia” over and over and over…

I wish I could type the sound I just made. I have no idea what vowels to include.



What an amazing season. I can’t believe it’s over.

The intent of this season, I think, was a reset. They’d done all they could on Earth, so they sent our heroes into space and rewrote the rules, juggled the characters, and created a whole new world. I loved the season and thought there was some outstanding acting done by our principals, particularly Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, and Richard S. Harmon. The writing was tight, consistent, and kept me guessing at every turn. I can’t wait to find out what happened to Octavia and learn a whole new set of rules, characters, and obstacles for our kru.

Sadly, we just learned that season seven will be the last for The 100. I hate to see gutsy television end, but given the genre and risk-taking, this show went longer than most of its kind. I applaud the writers, the source material author, Kass Morgan, for the interesting concept, the actors and crew. I can’t wait to see where we end up in season seven.

Keep your eyes on Nerds and Beyond for news on season seven’s premiere date and all the latest news on The 100. Until season seven, I’ll be here polishing my space boots and screaming Octavia to the wind.

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