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Michelle is Young Adult fiction writer, professional fangirl, and card-carrying nerd. (Her mint collection of Empire Strikes Back collector cards prove it.) She spends her days expanding young minds in a classroom and her nights glued to the television, where you'll find her watching her fave sci-fi/supernatural (lowercase) shows, Supernatural (upper case) or binging an obscure show from another country. In addition to her fictional work, she’s written for a local newspaper, corporate website, and pretty much every one of her husband’s papers in college. You can follow her on Twitter @EmCeeCollins

Our Favorite Moments From ‘Supernatural’ Season 14: Dean Winchester

Here we are, the final entry in our "Favorite Moments from Supernatural Season 14" series, which can only mean one thing -- welcome to...

Our Favorite Moments From ‘Supernatural’ Season 14: Sam Winchester

We're almost there, it's so close we can almost smell the sulfur. Supernatural season 15 is looming closer and closer, and our Hellatus series...

Our Favorite Moments From ‘Supernatural’ Season 14: Castiel

This summer's "hellatus" from Supernatural has been especially long and difficult, because we're awaiting our favorite show's final season. We want it to hurry...

‘The 100’ Season Six, Episode 13 Review: “The Blood of Sanctum”

Previously on The 100: Octavia wants to fight side-by-side with Bellamy; Diyoza wants to name her daughter Hope; King Russell wants to purify the non-believers; the...

‘The 100’ Season Six, Episode 12 Review: “Adjustment Protocol”

Previously on The 100: This is how we make more hosts--bone marrow...which we get from Madi; Take out the drive, we save Clarke...but not before she...

‘The 100″ Season Six, Episode 11 Review: “Ashes to Ashes”

Are we all still weeping over Bellamy's love for Clarke? No? Just me? Okay. I'm super stoked to see Bob Morley (Bellamy) directing this episode....

‘The 100’ Season Six, Episode 10 Review: “Matryoshka”

Floating in a little late this week, what with San Diego Comic-Con blowing up everywhere, but I'm here with the thoughts on episode 10,...

Happy Birthday, Alexander Calvert! Our Favorite Jack Moments from ‘Supernatural’

Alexander Calvert, who portrays everyone's favorite nephilim on Supernatural, is celebrating his birthday today! As a celebration, staff from Nerds and Beyond decided to move up...

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