Our Favorite Moments From ‘Supernatural’ Season 14: Sam Winchester

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We’re almost there, it’s so close we can almost smell the sulfur. Supernatural season 15 is looming closer and closer, and our Hellatus series is coming to a close.

As we stock up on tissues and prep our friends and families for the months of feels they are about to have to endure through, let’s take a look at the youngest Winchester — our favorite moose — Sam Winchester.

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Sam has grown so much as a character over the past two seasons. He has taken on a role of leadership, leading his fellow hunters as “Chief.” But he has also grown emotionally.  He has learned to speak up and fight back when he thinks something is wrong. My favorite moment is along those lines.  In “Prophet and Loss”, everyone is still dealing with Dean’s decision to be locked up and thrown into the ocean. Sam and Cas have a lot to say, but Dean does not budge. Not until he finds Sam outside. Jared Padalecki delivered one of the most emotional scenes as Sam Winchester.  He screams, he fights, and he gets every single emotion that has built up inside him. Everything explodes from him. Sam knows there is another way, there always is. They always save the world — together. And now Dean is just checking out. Words are not enough, and he punches Dean. Dean holds him back, but the entire time he just calmly listens to Sam. And when Sam tries to hit him again, he is pulled into a hug instead while Sam painfully asks why Dean does not believe in them, too. It pays off.  Dean changes his mind. It was an award-worthy performance, and one I soon will not forget!

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Sam shows a lot of his strength in the “Stranger in a Strange Land”, the first episode of season 14. Sam took the lead in trying to find his brother who is missing and possessed by Michal, helping organize hunts for the AU hunters and deal with Nick who is no longer possessed by Lucifer. Sam suffered a lot at the hands of Lucifer, so you know the difficulty of being in the same room as Nick, but he still tries to make him feel better. Then during the fight later on, Sam yells for everyone to stop saying that there will be no new king of hell, and the demons all leave — they leave. Sam Winchester continues to do what he feels right in a world of monsters, that takes a strong person.

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One of my favorite Sam moments this season comes from episode 15, “Peace of Mind.”  Firstly, I love a Sam and Cas pairing. They don’t get to work together enough. I can almost feel Sam being able to relax a bit and bring the conversation/intelligence level up a little bit when he’s working with Cas vs. Dean. Secondly, the situation Sam finds himself in, where he’s under the influence of a man’s psychic powers, is almost a refuge for Sam. While I hated our hero being mind-controlled, I also felt like maybe it gave his poor brain and soul a break to forget about all the horrible things he’s dealing with this season. And honestly, no one has rocked a cardigan like that since Mr. Rogers! Lastly, and personally, the episode takes place in my home state, which hardly ever happens (Trivia: Supernatural has set only one other episode in Arkansas – “Regarding Dean” where Dean loses his mind. So, I’m not sure what that says about us Arkansans!)

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My favorite moment of Sam from Season 14 is when he was in the car with Nick and they fought, which led Sam to hold down the car horn to tell Dean he is in trouble. When Dean finds Sam, Sam says that Dean was always looking out for him and seemed to be saying goodbye. It broke my heart to see this interaction between the brothers and it brings back memories to earlier seasons where the love of the brothers is shown on screen. Sam has grown stronger and stronger every season and I’m excited to turn on season 15 when it airs!


My favorite Sam moment comes from the same episode as my favorite Castiel moment , “Peace of Mind”, the season’s 15th episode.  In this episode Sam and Castiel travel to a town in Arkansas that seems to be in the past. People there do not even recognize a cell phone. During the episode Sam gets brainwashed into one of them, and Castiel has to get him to snap out of it. My favorite moment is when Castiel meets up with Sam to learn that he now thinks he is Justin. An exchange between Justin and his wife has Sam saying “raar” — it is just so cute with his glasses and the cardigan. Also, just the fact that he says “If we cannot remain civil, then you can skedaddle!” With everything that has been going on and all the weight on the Winchester’s shoulders it was nice to see a lighter side to Sam.

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Season 14 really allowed us to see Sam Winchester at full force and Jared really brought it this season. There were many moment’s  from this season that I loved but his performance in episode 15 “Peace of Mind” was comedic gold. Justin!Sam was hilarious. Jared and Misha played off of each other so well and it was a huge contrast from the dramatic performance Jared gave us in “Prophet and Loss”. There are very few moments in the series that made me laugh as hard as Justin and his wife going “rawr” and I have to say Sam pulls off the cardigan look well. It was a great light hearted performance from a season that was rather dark.

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