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‘Legion’ Season 3 Premieres Today on FX

FANDOM'Legion' Season 3 Premieres Today on FX

Legion is back for one last run. Created by Noah Hawley, the show brings audiences into the Marvel universe in a darker, more mind-bending way. Legion debuted in 2017 on the FX network, and follows a mutant (Dan Stevens) trying to learn and understand his powers. The show features a strong cast, including Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey), Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation), Rachel Keller (Fargo), Jean Smart (Fargo), and Jeremie Harris (The Get Down).

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Season 1 introduces us to David Haller (Stevens), a young man struggling with bizarre visions, hearing voices, and schizophrenia. After an encounter with another patient in a psychiatric hospital, David begins to wonder if the voices and visions are real, rather than just in his head. As the season progresses, David slowly gains more understanding about his powers, but he also learns that he’s not alone in his mind, which confirms that at least some of the voices that he hears are very real. At the end of the season, Cary (Bill Irwin), a scientist and mutant, finds a way to separate the monster inside his head from David, which leads to unexpected and severe consequences.

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The second season takes place one year later, and follows David in his quest to bring down Farouk the Shadow King (Navid Negahban), the yellow eyed monster that was hiding inside his mind. When he’s visited by someone from the future, he learns he won’t be able to kill Farouk in his time. David attempts to reason with Farouk, but to no avail. Tensions build within the team, and David eventually battles Farouk, trying to prevent the future he saw. The season ended with the beginning of a major shift within David.

Image courtesy of FX
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Season 3 will focus on David’s descent back into madness, as well as showcase more of his powers. He will head a cult-like group in an effort to comfort for himself, but (of course) this will not play out as he hopes. The final season will offer deeper insight into David’s mental illness. It will also introduce David’s parents, Charles Xavier (Harry Lloyd, Game of Thrones) and Gabrielle Haller (Stephanie Corneliussen, Mr. Robot).

The final season promises to be just as trippy and visually-stunning as its predecessors. You can watch the trailer below.


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Legion airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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