Sci-Fi Valley Con: A Recap of Day Three


The third and final day of Sci-Fi Valley Con was a bittersweet one. It was a perfect ending to an incredibly fun-filled convention. It almost felt like being a part of the season finale of your favorite show: it was incredibly exciting even though you still have to say goodbye until the following season.

With a smaller crowd than the previous two days, you could take your time and truly let everything sink in. There were honestly so many unique artists and vendors, that it was easy to miss a few things you may not have seen previously. Maybe it was an art print that caught your eye, or the perfect little gift for a family member or friend. Even cosplay was still a huge aspect of the convention. Whether it was the same costume worn all three days, or a brand new look, they were all spectacularly brilliant!

Courtesy of Staff Edtior Melanie

Even as the convention started to wind down, the talent still had long lines for autographs and photo ops, including those for Thor the Impala. Out of all the sections in the convention center, that was certainly the busiest section to walk through. And despite the crowd, it was very laid-back and just as fun as it had been the previous two days. There was no rush for time, and it absolutely helped to make memorable moments!

Panels still happened throughout the day. Whether you wanted to hear tips on writing and art, or simply wanted to hear the voice actors from some of your favorite cartoons, Sunday had you covered. Also a staple of all three days was the charity quick sketch with donations given to the Children’s Miracle Network.

What made Day Three bittersweet was having to say goodbye to friends, both new and old. The convention itself went far beyond the vendors, the talent, the panels, etc. They were absolutely fantastic parts and created memories that will last a lifetime. But the memorable moments would not be complete without the overall vibe of friendship and community.

It even goes beyond just friendship. With having a few Supernatural characters there, it was a feeling of family among the fandom that attended the convention. So many of us had this common bond. We all shared our love of the show, these actors, and the fandom creators. We all geeked out together and shared our stories within the fandom. We helped each other, talked to each other, and kept each other company.

For someone who was absolutely new to a convention of this scale, I was amazed at the scope of it all! The people around you could be complete strangers, but there was this overwhelming feeling of belonging. You get that feeling on social media, but it was absolutely magnified in person. It was a feeling that will always stay with me.

While I was sad to leave the con behind, I am excited to see what Momento Con and next year’s Sci-Fi Valley Con have to offer.

If you return or are new to the convention, I absolutely recommend a three-day pass. There is so much the convention has to offer, that you absolutely need all three days in order to experience everything. It is absolutely worth it! And be prepared to have a lot of fun! It will be a convention you will not soon forget!

When Melanie isn’t writing for Nerds and Beyond, she’s doing her best to make professional fangirl a thing. She loves writing fan fiction, drawing fan art, reading comics and binge-watching like it’s a professional sport. Her list of fandoms just keep growing, and will always cite Supernatural and Psych as her first forays into fangirldom. Though Nancy Drew will always be her first real fandom. Melanie works hard at making her art a career and has dreams of becoming a published author someday. You can find her on Twitter @FangirlLanie.

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