Taylor Swift Announces Seventh Upcoming Album ‘Lover’

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Image courtesy of Taylor Swift on Twitter.

Ever since Taylor Swift released a photograph on her Instagram account about five holes in a certain fence, yesterday’s announcement has been long awaited in the Swiftie fandom.

We’ve gathered clues and theorized easter eggs she’s meticulously dropped along the way. Yet the title of her newly released single had always been lingering in the first few minutes of her music video “ME!” Featuring Brendon Urie.

“You Need To Calm Down” stems from the only talking scene played out between Swift and Urie. Conversing in French, the two artists fight. As Urie tells Swift, “You need to calm down,” her two cats, Meredith and Olivia, lay stretched out on a couch staring on.

The song acts as a political statement for the LGBTQ+ community: everyone deserves the freedom to be themselves reserved of any judgment. In an Instagram Live video, Taylor noted that the music video will premiere during Good Morning America on June 17th.

Another far more obvious clue was the neon sign decked out in the pink matching to Swift’s running dress as she sat on a single blue-eyed unicorn statue. Lover is the title of her seventh album and will depict not just the thematic romance when falling in love but that it also comes in the form of loneliness and going through tumultuous experiences. Shot by photographer Valheria Rocha, with a blue tinge in her hair, the album cover features Swift looking down as pink and blue clouds form together behind her.

The August 23rd release date of this album was implied in Swift’s Instagram caption of her Elle USA essay, “30 things before turning 30.”

Lover will have 18 tracks and will also be issued as four deluxe versions, all having the same cover, yet are unique through different audio memos from songwriting sessions and various exclusive content.

Pre-order Lover through her website here.

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