Happy Birthday, Michael Borja!

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Michael Borja © Illy/Super Inspired Photography, Staff Photographer

In honor of his birthday, we asked readers to share their favorite thing about everyone’s favorite robot bass player and many were eager to share!  Check them out below and don’t forget to extend your own well wishes in comments! From all of us here at Nerds and Beyond, a very happy birthday to Michael Borja of Louden Swain!

Michael Borja © Kelsi Sickmann, Staff Photographer

“The never ending sunshine his smile produces” – @kunerksterphoto

“All the things. I mean, he just radiates joy mostly.” – @emceecollins

“He is a genuine guy who cares about his fans, is really funny, and also gives great hugs.” – @ryanbrobecks

“He’s a super nice guy who always has a big smile on his face. He’s also insanely talented.” – @natashacole

“The love of his fans, his sunshine, his robot-esque dance moves.” – @mandi1630

“His dancing, for sure. It’s a highlight of Swain shows for me.” – @bandagedletdown

“His eagerness to learn about his fans inspirations, passions, and love. He truly never stops showing just how happy we make him in return.” – @kelsisphoto

“That he always seems so happy to see familiar faces and that he always asks if my daughter is with me. Even if she’s standing right behind me.” – @rathofkain

“His smile, his kindness, how he is always full of happiness and how just being in the same room than him just make everyone happy. And also how talented he is of course!” – @housecatsswain

“His ever present smile because it lights up the entire room and just makes everyone happy.” – @macd1982

“He exudes kindness. I know they don’t remember me because I see them so rarely, but the sincerity with which he asks me how my con is going when I’m in the auto line is incredible, every single dang time.” – @waywardandwine

“His kindness and genuine excitement to meet us fans!” – @killingnormalcy


Photo courtesy of Staff Editor Hailee Jordan

“He radiates happiness and has such a warm welcoming smile, he’s just a ball of sunshine who treats everyone equally and loves his fans so much.” – @robbenaddict

“He’s so sweet and he gives the absolute best hugs. He even took a selfie with me when he was rushing to get to a panel.” – @lyinglucifer

“He is super kind and radiates so much happiness. I always love getting to talk to him at conventions because he is extremely nice to all of the fans.” – @startoftheact

“It’s been said, but absolutely that kind smile of his.” – @n_sjolin

“I mean, is “everything” a valid response?” – @breathemusicin

“He just sparks joy in so many ways, but my personal favorite thing about Borja is that he is a fellow dedicated Steelers fan.” – @tigerlili4

“His sense of humor.” – @hotlipsharkness

“He’s a ray of actual sunshine!” – @natalielacost

” His joy while playing makes him glow so adorably!” -@sibyllene

“He’s pure sunshine and sweetness. You want him as the best friend fellow parent. Get the kids together to play and throw some burgers on the grill for the evening.” – @mamabug1981

Courtesy of Perfmishka

“He’s always happy. I asked him to sulk in a photo op and he couldn’t do it.” – @theangelofthurs

“He literally is a ray of sunshine. He’s always got the brightest most genuine smile on his face.” – @pare6386

“Aside from the obvious – his total sweetness – he just has *impeccable* taste as a musician. Makes great choices as a instrumentalist, chooses great cover songs. Just a heck of a bassist and band member.” – @WritteninRain

“His sunny aura.” – @mimichama

“He’s just happiness and joy all around!!” – @xxkeelbytjexx

“He just radiates joy and happiness and he is so cute and talented.” – @kathiii_music99

“That he has a total blushy crush on Ruth Connell.” – @shaunrozhon

As you can see, Borja is well-loved in this community. We all wish him the happiest of birthdays today and for all future birthdays. Love you, Mike.

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