Monday, March 20, 2023

‘Mama Bear’ Screening at Olympus Film Festival

MOVIESMAMA BEAR‘Mama Bear’ Screening at Olympus Film Festival
Matt Cohen, Mandy Musgrave ‘Mama Bear’ – Courtesy of Matt Cohen

Matt Cohen’s Mama Bear is screening at Olympus Film Festival! Olympus Film Festival is unlike most others, harnessing a more intimate setting by selecting only the best films of 2019 to screen. Mama Bear is slotted in the number 1 spot, appropriately titled Zeus. Each film will be receiving their God of Olympus trophy and also be given time to speak to the audiences, interview on the red carpet and interact with guests before and after their showings.

If you’re in the area head on out to support Matt and his project (and watch him accept his award!), ask some questions to the available cast in attendance and see a great film!

The Olympus Film Festival takes place on July 10, 2019 from 1-9 PM in LA. Tickets are available here!

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