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Matt Cohen’s ‘Mama Bear’ to Screen at Shriekfest in Los Angeles and Orlando

Matt Cohen's Mama Bear is set to appear at another film festival, Shriekfest,

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Don’t Forget: Matt Cohen’s ‘Mama Bear’ Screening at TCL Chinese Theatre Tonight!

Don't Forget that Matt Cohen's Mama Bear will be screening at the

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‘Mama Bear’ to Screen at TCL Chinese Theatre on August 13!

More exciting news for Matt Cohen and the cast and crew of Mama

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Interview: Mandy Musgrave talks ‘Mama Bear’ at the Olympus Film Festival [EXCLUSIVE]

On Wednesday night in North Hollywood, California, Nerds and Beyond had the

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‘Mama Bear’ Screening at Olympus Film Festival

Matt Cohen’s Mama Bear is screening at Olympus Film Festival! Olympus Film Festival

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Matt Cohen’s ‘Mama Bear’ Screening at Utah Arts Festival June 20 and 22

Utah fans, you're in luck! Matt Cohen's Mama Bear will be showing

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Matt Cohen’s ‘Mama Bear’ to Appear at Film Festivals in California, Iowa and Pennsylvania

Matt Cohen's Mama Bear has already been selected at multiple film festivals, and

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Recap and Review: Matt Cohen’s ‘Mama Bear’ – Masterful and Magnificent

On Friday, February 15th 2019, Nerds and Beyond had the pleasure of

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New Photos from ‘Mama Bear’ + Bid on Costumes from Matt Cohen, Mandy Musgrave, Richard Speight, Jr. & More!

Matt Cohen has launched another exciting thing for Mama Bear - an auction where

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