Happy Birthday Kim Rhodes! Read Our Staff’s Favorite Kim Moments!

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Image courtesy of Kim Rhodes on Facebook.

Whether she is playing a lounge singer, Assistant Director of the BAU, a sheriff and wayward sister, or rocking the stage with Louden Swain at a Saturday Night Special, Kim Rhodes is a force to be reckoned with.

The beloved star is celebrating her birthday today, and we want to celebrate with her! So here are our favorite Kim Rhodes moments from the Nerds and Beyond staff!

Amanda S.

She listens! Just a few days ago, in an attempt to better utilize her platform for inclusivity, she asked what actions she could take to support members of the LGBTQ+ community. One of our writers, Finn, said that adding her pronouns is a simple thing she can do. If you haven’t looked at Kim’s bio recently it now has her pronouns displayed.

The first time I met Kim was at Jaxcon ‘18. I had done a drawing inspired by all of the Wayward ladies shortly after we got the news that the show wouldn’t be picked up. Each part of the drawing represented one of the ladies, and to represent Jody Mills I used her line, “If you want to talk about anything, absolutely anything, I’m here.” When the drawing was slid in front of Kim during her autos, she looked down at it, dropped her jaw, looked up at me, smiled, looked down and put an exclamation point next to the quote. That simple little interaction is something that I will never forget and a moment that truly exemplifies who Kim Rhodes is: a supporter.


What words can you even really use to describe Kim Rhodes? Badass? Yes, definitely. Compassionate? Hell yes. Beautiful? Of course. Inspirational? This is probably the first on the list. Kim Rhodes has been a gift to the Supernatural fandom from day one, and I’ll always be grateful that she joined this insane little world. She has a presence that manages to both hype up the room and calm those who are anxious around her almost instantly. I personally will be forever grateful and count myself lucky to have been able to meet her on a couple of separate occasions. Both times she was so welcoming, and she’s just someone who cares. At the PJ party in Vegas this year (2019), a friend of mine threw a small bag at my head jokingly at the end, and it landed, covering my face for a brief second. Kim’s “mom-mode” immediately kicked in, without even seeing it actually happen, and made sure that I took it off right away. She has the aura of being everyone’s mom, I feel like. Thank you, Kim, and happy freakin’ birthday!!!


I met Kim twice, at the SPNChi convention 2017, and again in 2018. She was so welcoming and so incredibly nice, and I instantly felt happy being around her both times. She has this way making you feel loved that I can’t explain. She is such a blessing to not just the SPN family, but to everyone. I will forever be grateful for Kim.

Happy Birthday Kim! Hope it’s the perfect day that you deserve!

Image courtesy of Kim Rhodes on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/BeemS9QAbHI/


I met Kim for the first time in 2015 at my first SPN convention in Dusseldorf. I met her a few times since, and it’s always a joy. I remember that last year I saw her a few weeks after we learned in Birmingham about Wayward Sisters not being picked up. We were sad but also happy, because we knew it was not the end, and we have the podcast now which is the best thing ever.

Kim is such a calming presence. I always feel at ease when I see her. I could go on and on about why I love Kim: she is inspiring, she is energetic, she is enthusiastic about things, she is a badass, and she is a bit of a fangirl, too. (The whole time I was watching Good Omens, I was thinking how much she was going to love it.) She gets us. The most recent thing I love about Kim is her “uninspiring quotes.” I love them a lot.

My favourite moment with Kim was last April when she sang at the concert in Paris. I wanted to hear her live for such a long time and I can’t believe it finally happened. It was amazing. I won’t ever forget it. Happy Birthday Kim! Have an amazing day and lots of cake!


She gives the best hugs! One of my all time favorite photo ops happened with Kim at SPNVegas in 2018. It was my first solo op with her, and I was going through a difficult time that day, though no one would have known. I walked up to Kim and told her I needed a hug. I wanted her to squeeze the stuffing out of me, and boy did she! At that moment, I didn’t care how the photo turned out but when I got it later, my day was made. She was smiling so big that her nose was crinkled up in that adorable way it does when she is really happy. I cherish that moment and that photo.

I was lucky enough to have another moment with Kim later year.  The day that my fellow Nerds writers and I found out that the CW was not picking up Wayward Sisters was a very difficult day for us. We all joined together and wrote an article expressing our heartbreak and disappointment. Thanks to a dear friend who gifted me with a gold pass for the Giving Back Tour in Indianapolis, I had an autograph with Kim, so I took a copy of the article for her to sign. When it was my turn, I explained that I was a writer for Nerds and what the article was. She got SO excited and shouted, “I read that article!” It blew my mind that she not only knew about what we had done, but she had actually read it.  The words she wrote that day still resonate: “Thank you. We — ALL of us, you too — will not stop using our voices. We just don’t have to use scripts now.” She signed her name with a heart.

Thank you, Kim, for refusing to let anyone silence your voice and for all the love you put out in the world. Happy Birthday!

Michelle C. 

I’ve never been fortunate enough (yet) to meet Kim, but that doesn’t keep me from admiring her from afar. The thing that strikes me most about Kim is that she truly embodies the phrase “living her best life.” All of her online posts are inspiring, positive, and just real. Even if she’s having a bad day or something’s gone wrong for her or someone she loves, she turns it into a positive learning experience. She is comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t apologize for anything, be it her gender, her lifestyle, her career, her age — she owns it all. As someone who is, ahem, older, I love seeing her embrace who she is and what she’s done in her life/career. Her attitude and lookout on life has helped me more times than I can count!

So, thank you Kim and have a wonderful birthday full of laughter and love!

Image courtesy of Kim Rhodes on Facebook.


I first met Kim at the SPNMinn con in 2017. It was my first convention, and I happened to see her in the hallway as she was heading into the Saturday Night Special. I was sitting on a bench and I mentioned as she was passing that I liked her kitty tights. She squeeled something about them being cute and came closer so I could get a better look at them. That brief interaction really made the con so special, because it was in that moment I knew I was heard and among friends. Much like her character, Jody, Kim has a talent for making people feel welcome, included, and loved.


I attended the viewing party for the “Wayward Sisters” episode of Supernatural at Orlando 2018 and attended the Premiere Party that followed. After a Q&A session, the cast began to mingle. A friend and I were standing near Kim so that we could tell her congratulations on the episode. When she was almost to us, her handler came to pull her to a different area of the room. Kim noticed there were some of us still standing nearby and made sure to hug each of us before she left with the handler. That action spoke to her kind nature to make sure no one was left out.

At Jacksonville 2018, I made a photo book of photos I’d taken at different conventions to use for autographs included with my pass. The pages printed out thinner than I expected, so I brought my own pens because the ones they normally use would bleed through the pages. Kim was the second autograph for my book. I had a purple pen and a blue pen. Kim chose the blue pen and went to autograph the page — but the pen didn’t work!  It was a new pen and I realized at that moment that I didn’t make sure it was ready to go. (Sometimes, you have to scribble a little to get the ink flowing.) I was embarrassed! Kim didn’t hesitate and started scribbling the pen on her hand to get it to work.

So Kim, if you are reading this — apologies to you for the inky hand at Jax! And also thank you for being an awesome human being!


There’s just something about Kim! She’s fierce, loving, smart, aware… the list could go on and on. As a mom, as a woman, as a human being, she’s given me a peak to strive towards at one point or another. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet her, and there’s simply an energy and light about her that’s just inherently inspiring. There’s something special to be said about someone that can’t help but make you smile just because you’re in their presence, but that’s Kim.

Thank you for loving us all candidly, your incredible honesty, and for every piece of your heart you’ve given to us. I hope your birthday is just as amazing as you are.


Not only do I adore Kim as Jody on Supernatural and as Sue on Kings of Con, but I will also say I was definitely a Suite Life of Zack and Cody fan back in the day. Needless to say, she’s been a part of my life for a lot of years, and I am grateful for that. She always has something kind, funny, or witty to say and makes the effort to interact with fans in meaningful ways.

One of my most favorite interactions with Kim was this year at Vegas con. It was a short moment, but it really made my day. I stepped up for my photo op with her and Briana, and when Kim noticed me approaching, she threw her hands up and shouted, “happy birthday!” and gave me the biggest squeeze. She had been the most enthusiastic with her birthday wishes to me than anyone else that day, and just that brief moment made me smile for the rest of the day.

I only hope that us sharing our favorite Kim moments makes her feel that good on her birthday.

Kim Rhodes as “Sue” in ‘Kings Of Con.’ Images courtesy of CW Seed.


It is still a few months before I get to meet her, but I have heard nothing but good things from those who have, including saying how great her hugs are. When I think of Kim Rhodes, I think of someone strong, wise, funny, and authentically herself. Thank you for being such a positive light in the world and fandom and being Wayward AF.

Michelle M.

Kim, I don’t know how to express how much I love and respect you.  You are an amazing woman, cheerleader, mother, friend to all, supporter…the list is endless. I have had the privilege to meet Kim a few times now at different conventions. The moment that stands out the most, however, would probably be from Nashville 2018 when I was in her meet and greet. As always, she was so inspirational and her words moved me more than I can express. She has a way of moving me every time she speaks. I feel a kinship with her in an unspoken way and for that I will always love her.  Happy birthday, you wonderful lady!!!


It would be easy to go on and on about how wonderful Kim Rhodes is. She’s an incredibly talented actor and singer on top of being a compassionate, hilarious, and inspiring human being. The one thing that has struck me most about Kim is her endless love and passion for the fandom who fought for the possible Wayward spinoff. Even when that door firmly closed, Kim stepped away, grabbed her sledgehammer (and friend Briana Buckmaster) and smashed her way through that door to bring us something we never knew we needed. Listening to Kim on The Wayward Podcast has allowed me to laugh with her, cry with her, and get to know her in a way few celebs ever open up. She has taught me that compassion and vulnerability are armor, to wear it proudly and go into the world to do some good with it. More importantly, Kim has taught me that in the face of all odds, to never ever give up on a dream. Even if a door closes, find a sledgehammer and forge our own path. Though I have yet to meet her, I certainly plan to and when I do, I’ll thank her in person.

Thank you for continuing to be a source of daily inspiration for me and for so many others. Keep being your amazing badass self. Happy Birthday Kim!


Oh my darling, Kim. She won’t know this, but in my life, out of all the celebrities I’ve had to pleasure to meet, never once have I cried until I did a photo op with her and Briana. It’s like my heart went “Oh! Look! Friends! Safe space! Genuine love!” and I became a sobby mess of a woman. Kim goes through life like an exposed nerve and it should look vulnerable — instead it makes her a damn superhero. There are so many things I admire about her, but near the top is this; she makes people feel safe. Accepted. Loved. In the most genuine way. That is one hell of a rare trait, and I hope she knows how many people appreciate the crap out of it.

Kim – keeping kicking it in the ass. We’re behind you all the way, just like you’ve been behind us.

Amanda B.

Out of all the Supernatural cast, Kim’s greeting when you’re up next in the photo op line at a convention is my favorite. It’s just a simple excited, “Hi!” but the look on her face is pure delight. She feels very present with you in that moment, which I appreciate since photo ops go so quickly. Another favorite Kim moment was her validation and support to our reaction when Wayward Sisters didn’t get picked up. I cried when that happened and felt utterly ridiculous for crying over a TV show. Kim got why we were heartbroken, though, and assured us our feelings were valid and that it was ok. With that in mind, my most favorite Kim moments are every single episode of The Wayward Podcast! She’s funny, smart, sarcastic, and insightful. Her friendship with Briana Buckmaster is a great example of why emotional connection is one of the best parts about female friendships!

Photo credit: Travis Hodges. Image courtesy of Kim Rhodes on Instagram.


Is there enough room on this page to adequately sum up just how incredibly awesome Kim Rhodes is? No, probably not. But I can certainly try. Kim is strong, dedicated, and unapologetically wayward. She makes me want to embrace my flaws and wear them proudly. When Kim discusses something she cares about, the emotion and dedication in her voice is palpable. I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting her once, briefly, but I hope to have that opportunity again soon.

Since the premiere of The Wayward Podcast, I love her even more, as she has shared so much of herself with such fearless honesty. Kim Rhodes is a gift to this fandom; she’s a glowing spark on this forever spinning planet that inspires others to find the courage to shine. Happy Birthday, Kim.


I haven’t had the privilege of meeting Kim in person (yet) — something that has been on my bucket list for awhile and hope to cross off one day soon. What I love most about Kim is how so unapologetically herself she is. From the things she posts online to hearing her speak in convention panel videos, Kim is authentic and what you see is what you get. And I’m so thankful for that.

Kim is courageous, compassionate, and wears her heart on her sleeve. I can’t fully express just how lucky we are as a fandom that we have her. The world is a better place because she is in it. Continue being the badass that you are, and happy birthday Kim!


I’ve met Kim a couple of times so far, and it has been a blast! She is fierce, she is honest and she is very, very kind. Always open to learn more about how others perceive the world, and there with a shoulder to lean on should someone be in need. She shares so much of herself with us, and it helps all of us to grow, in more ways than you could imagine. Being open with her struggles creates a safe space for so many of us where we are not judged, only accepted.

Thank you for being you, Kim, and please don’t ever stop!


Kim is such a sweetheart. I met her at DCCon ’17 for the first time and got a photo with her. And wow is she a great hugger! I love Kim’s presence online, too — I appreciate her love and acceptance. Most recently, seeing her wants to learn how to better support LGBTQ+ folks means a lot to me as a member of that community.

I am looking forward to seeing her again. Happy Birthday Kim!


I grew up watching Kim Rhodes, and I have had the wonderful pleasure to converse with her as an adult. There aren’t enough words to describe the admiration, adoration, and love that I have for Kim. She is a constant ray of sunshine (whether she admits it or not). She is continuously learning and trying to better herself, which in turn helps us and the world become better as well, because Kim doesn’t hesitate to yell at us in SHOUTY CAPITALS about ‘this cool new thing.’ Her excitement about even the smallest thing spreads like wildfire through the fandom, because we can’t help but be excited with her.

I could never consider myself a friend, yet Kim makes me feel as if we have been besties forever every time she wraps me up in a bear hug or screams my name happily. So, happy birthday to one of the most incredible women on this Earth. Thank you for being a role model. And thank you for being uniquely you.

Photo credit: Travis Hodges. Image courtesy of Kim Rhodes on Instagram.

On your birthday Kim, all of us at Nerds and Beyond hope this day is as badass as you! Our lives would not be the same without you, your incredible energy, voice, and impact. Thank you for being an essential part of our lives. We appreciate everything you do.

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