Louden Swain Series: Fans Share Why They Love the Band

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Welcome to the eighth and final part in our Louden Swain series! If you missed them, you can read part 1part 2, part 3Part 4 , Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7. We’re celebrating the band leading up to the release of their new acoustic album, Splitting the Seams, which will release on October 26.

We asked for input from fans of the band, and had them answer questions. We had a huge turnout, with many fans wanting to share their favorites and their stories. For this last installment, fans share why they love the band so much!

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Natasha (@NatashaCole): “I love Louden Swain, first and foremost, for the music. I found them during a difficult time in my life. I was a newly single mom, unsure of where my life was going to go after a devastating breakup, and the first song I heard of theirs was ‘She Waits’. It’s been love ever since. Also, they are legitimately the nicest guys who care about their fans. They never say no to stopping to take a selfie or sign an autograph, they’re amazing with children who are also fans, they are supportive of fan artists, and they always have the right words for people who need to hear something nice from their faves.”

Tiffany (@Tiffany Shope1): “The entire band is awesome; their songs are amazing, the lyrics are raw and honest, and when performing they aren’t afraid to mess up and not be perfect which makes them real. But in particular Rob’s voice. Every time he performs he throws his whole soul into it. It doesn’t matter if he’s tired or spent the day taking pictures or flying cross country on a red eye to make a show; he gives it his all….. for us. Seeing him sing live; he’s undeniable. You HAVE to stop and pay attention. On stage he has his own gravitational pull that can’t be ignored. And when you see them play, Billy can’t help but draw your eye. He always shows so much passion for what he’s playing… he’s a joy to watch. Norton and Borja are just amazing too. I have met some of my best friends through going to Louden Swain shows. Being able to form connections like this has been a surprise and something I think I was lacking in my life.  Traveling to be able to meet up with your best friends and see your favorite band?  There’s nothing better in the world.”

MaryJane (@12TimeTraveler): “There are plenty of artists out there making nice music. But with Swain it’s like…each performance they leave you with a little piece of their soul. They put everything they have into their music and it’s not just a cute little ditty they wrote. It’s real, it’s passionate. They open themselves up to us and let us meet them through their songs.”

Scout (@Scoutstiel): “If you ask anyone, even the damn band themselves, they’ll say that I tend to tease these guys a lot. I’m a joker, I make goofs, but it’s how my personality comes out when I really love something. But every lyric I hear, and every conversation I have with them I witness nothing but cool, humble dudes. I think I really start to love something when there’s a real, deep emotional connection involved, and over the past 5 or 6 years I’ve seen a lot of laughing, tears, growth–you name it. These guys are dedicated artists with huge hearts, and they’re responsible for a lot of friendships, art, car karaoke, gigs, and genuine joy I’ve experienced over the last half-decade. That felt a little vulnerable though, so I’m also going to say I love them because of the collective hair styles they had between 2000-2005.”

Em (@invisible_heir): “I love them because they inspired me to start writing poetry again. I started writing at a really young age and my favorite thing to do was write birthday rhymes for people. I absolutely loved telling stories through rhyme. They were my way of making someone smile. Then when I was 22 my mom suddenly passed away and I just kind of forgot how much I loved it. It’s not that I refused to do it or didn’t want to, my mind simply blocked it out. And it stayed that way for years. Until I met Louden Swain. Until I heard their music. And then, something just clicked. I started writing again. Not just poems that rhymes but I started playing with different styles. Since discovering them in 2016 I’ve now written 70+ just about the band as a whole or as individuals, and several more about other faves or friends. When I was writing before I would maybe write 5 a year. Now I’ve written probably a total of 100 in 2 years. I can’t give a definite answer as to what it is about Swain that sparked that. I honestly wish I knew. But for whatever reason, their music and the creative part of my brain intertwined and gave my writing back to me. So for that, they will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Courtesy of Mandi Lea Photography

Dean (@Chucksvessel): “I love Louden Swain because they’re all genuinely in love with what they do and care about their fans. They’re all amazingly talented too. I’ve never seen a band as genuine and talented as them.”

Tiffany (@TiffIsWayward): “Not only are they insanely talented, they are so real and down-to-earth with their fans. They’ve really become a part of the SPNFamily and embraced us as their fans as part of their ‘family’ too. I think they’re always a little shocked at how much we love them and that makes me love them even more.”

Emma (@simplyreflected): “Their music is amazing and it calms me down when I’m stressed. I found them in a bad time of my life and I fell in love with their music instantly. I was actually contemplating suicide for the first time in about 8 years when I found them. I feel that one of the reasons I love them so much is that they saved me. So if any of them ever read this, Thank you.”

Maranda (@maranda_martin): “I love Louden Swain as a group and as four really amazing gentlemen. I love their dedication to music (another something that I love), I love their personalities, I love how normal they are. I love their music.”

Jenna (@sushiswain): “Loving Louden Swain encompasses such a variety of things it’s difficult to give specific reasons. It’s like a multi-layered gift that you keep unwrapping the longer you’re a fan. In the beginning, I loved Louden Swain because their music had a good beat and something about Rob’s voice really drew me in. The more I really listened to the lyrics, the more I fell for their music. They’re very good at writing songs that tell a story, have a good melody, and really speak to your heart. Once I was able to meet them in person, I discovered an entirely new layer. They’re the best sort of people, who are truly grateful for every one of their fans and love hearing how their music has spoken to us. I enjoy lots of different bands, but there’s something about listening to Louden Swain that feels like coming home and becoming who you were meant to be at the same time.”

Lori (@SPNZookeeper): “I initially fell in love with them because of their music. At this particular moment in time when I look back over the past few years of being a fan and realising just how much they’ve given me, I just I can’t even put into words how much I love them. I love them because they’ve given me the best friends I could have ever imagined, their music has helped me through the worst times in my life. Their encouragement and support has driven me to do the best I can and has given me the courage to fly around the world and experience new places. They’ve given me so much strength. They’ve brought me so much happiness; so much happiness that I could never ever even think of how to repay them. I’ve found my tribe within this band and through their music and I love them for that.”

Kari (@Kariface27): “I love Louden Swain because of how much they care about their fans. They all appreciate us and remember us. It’s nice to feel appreciated.”

Finn (@againsthewave_): “Do you have time for a novel? In short, because their music moves me, they are incredible musicians, and even better people. Literally no band cares about their fans the way these guys do.”

Gisselle (@lopezado8696):”I love Louden Swain because it’s a band consisting of four really great friends, doing what they love to do. Because they create wonderful, inspiring, fun music that everyone can enjoy. Because they do so much more than play music, and are such active and engaging members of our community. Because they treat every fan with respect, and always have a smile on their face when we meet them. Because they, each in their own individual way, have helped to shape conventions into what they are today. Because of Rob Benedict, Billy Moran, Mike Borja, and Stephen Norton. Because why wouldn’t I love Louden Swain?”

Erika (@soliloquywriter): “Well, any group of guys that haven’t gotten tired of one another after 20+ years is in and of itself pretty amazing! They just make my world a better place, from Billy being a fan of my art/photography, to Mike’s never ending smile that is completely contagious, to Stephen’s cat snaps that brighten even my worst days, and ending with Rob’s lyrical mastery, and how he crafts songs from the heart that everyone can relate to or draw strength from, and have helped my healing process on numerous occasions.”

Michelle (@lydrewsmom): “Louden Swain are the first musicians to ever make me appreciate music as a whole. It’s the way Billy is able to make a guitar sing it’s own lyrics. It’s the way my hands automatically tap the steering wheel when I hear the beat of Stephen’s drums. How Michael’s bass seems to speak to the depths of my soul. Rob’s voice and the words he sings have gotten me through various emotional states. When I’m happy, sad, angry or anxious, the music of Louden Swain always improves my mental state. I’ve met some amazing people through my love of Swain. Some that I will love for the rest of my life. How can I ever thank them for making these connections possible? They speak only truth when they say, ‘I’m packin’ only love down this one-way street.’ The connection they’ve made to their fans and their genuine appreciation is nothing I’ve ever seen. I’m proud to call myself a Swainer.”

Lynette (@LynetteParki): “I love their music because of their versatility. Before I found Swain I had songs that I listened to when I was in different moods or wanting to listen to a certain genre. Louden Swain has songs for every mood and in such a wide range of genres. There is a song that everyone will like, no matter what kind of music a person normally listens to. The music and the lyrics are all so beautifully written with such depth of meaning behind them. What puts the cherry on the cake with this band is that they are such genuinely nice men. They are down to earth and so appreciative of the fans. They deserve every success that comes their way.”

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Emma (@EmmaV421): “I have never had a band where every song, interview or video has left an impact on me. The fact that they are so amazing, that they can make a difference for so many people but are still some of the sweetest, most down to earth guys is, to me, the biggest accomplishment.”

Muriel (@housecatsswain): “I love their music and lyrics of course. Music never has touched my heart and spoke to me the way Louden Swain’s music does. Rob, Stephen, Mike and Billy are some of the kindest people I have ever met. They are good people. Every little thing they do show that. But the main reason I love Swain is this: becoming a Swainer led me to meet online and in person so many great people. I made so many friends all around the world because of Swain. Some I met already and will meet again in a few weeks at Rockwood, some I am going to meet for the first time there and I can’t wait to meet them, some I hope to meet one day. I speak to them nearly daily and I can’t imagine my life without them. I have been in a lot of fandoms across the years and I can say the Swain fandom is the most friendly and welcoming fandom I ever was part of. I will eternally grateful to Louden Swain for the friends I made thanks to being a fan of them.”

Aileen (@fandomfreak221b): “I love Louden Swain because, besides the fact that they make awesome music, they are four genuinely amazing guys who have a real passion for what they do and really care about their fans.”

Emily (@fiveafterseven): “They care about making good music. They are present and invested in every fan interaction. Their shows are filled with love and energy. They always work to be better. But more than anything I love Louden Swain because they led me to my second family. The last five years I’ve made memories with people who live miles and countries and continents away. People who inspire me to work harder, who all have their own challenges but still make time for each other. I’ve found safety and understanding and support. People I can laugh and cry with. We laugh A LOT. We cry a lot too. But we find strength in each other. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon so many people that have changed my life for the better.”

Mary (@pare6386):“I love Louden Swain because they are extremely down to earth guys, their music resonates with me, it evokes memories, helps calm and center me when I need it. I think the connection they have with fans is incredible and not often seen among the music acts you see today.”

Sam (@SwainerSam): “Never, in my whole life, have I ever experienced the amount of love and support these guys give to me. It started out just loving a band that had music I absolutely loved and turned into this family that believes in me and gives me so much strength. To try and show love to your favorite band and instead receive all that love right back from people I consider heroes is the most amazing feeling. They’ve gone beyond and not only given me music music that I love, but friends that support me as well. I can never thank them enough for all they have given me.”

Shaena (@StartoftheAct): “Their music is so great, the songs are really diverse. The whole band is so nice and are great with the fans.  They lit on great live shows, and I just can’t put into words how great they are!”

Katie (@mattcohen4fake): “Louden Swain has been my rock for the last 5 years. They have supported me with my artwork and life in general; have showed kindness to my brother and friend when I brought them to meet the other four dudes that make me happy; have shown me that happiness is within arms reach and I have to do is rise up and get it. But most of all, this LA based indie rock band has given me the most beautiful, genuine, lifelong friendships anyone could ever ask for. I have no idea where I’d be without the friends that I made through this band. They’ve been with me through my hot highs and tricky lows and have made me a better person. My life has definitely changed a lot in the last five years and I like to think its for the better. So yeah… I guess you could say I love this band.”

Stacy (@LoveandSwain): “It’s really hard to put into words how much I love Louden Swain. The simple answer would be that they are truly a great bunch of guys and that their music has reached me on an extremely personal level. However, it goes so much deeper that that. This band has forever changed my life for the better. It’s because of this band that I have found my tribe. I have found friends, but more importantly; I have found my family. These four guys have helped me to find acceptance and true happiness. There are not adequate words to describe just how thankful I am to have found Louden Swain. My life will never be the same, and I’m so incredibly grateful for that.”

Kelli (@klairermusic1): “Louden Swain has catchy music that I enjoy, but they are also real with their fans. They truly enjoy seeing the fans. I love that they are so willing to talk with us. Also, they are willing to show themselves as they really are on social media. They do not try to depict themselves as someone who they are not. Honestly, I could probably go on and on about what I love about the band.

Kim (@KimSaysSmile): “I love them because they have changed my life. I would not be the same person if I did not know they existed. Their music speaks to my soul. I have never had a band write lyrics that spoke to me the way Swain lyrics do. I can relate to so many songs & have had songs help me through all sorts of situations. Because of Swain I also have a whole family of Swainers. I met some of my best friends because of our mutual love for Swain. I couldn’t imagine my life without these people and without this band.”

Katie (@katmgc): “I love Louden Swain because they were what I needed in my life. Their music keeps me going even when times are rough. I have made so many friends because of them and their music, friends I hope I have for the rest of my life, friends I consider family. I’m less afraid of change, I’m less afraid of doing what makes me happy, even if it might be hard. I was trying to make a big decision, and debating on whether I could do it or not. I went to a con, and at SNS a friend told me their story about how Rob had helped them make a big change in their life. Listening to that story is what convinced me that I could make the decision I needed to make. And after I made that decision I went to a con, and I told Rob about it and after asking if I was okay, I told him I was happy with my decision and he hugged me. He promised me later that weekend that I could always tell him anything because he’d have my back. In the years, and it’s weird to think it’s been years, since I’ve had so many other interactions with them that have always left me grateful that they are in my life. I’m stronger because they’re in my life, and I’m a better person because of the influence they’ve had on me.”

Jennifer (@macd1982): “I think the better question is “how does anyone NOT love Louden Swain?” Aside from the fact that their music is incredible, their lyrics are astounding and very relative a lot of the time, and their live shows are fantastic, they are truly genuinely nice people. They put so much heart into their music and they care so much about their fans. I’ve never met a more down to earth group of guys. They are easy to talk to and they all give incredible hugs! One of the most unexpected and amazing things I gained from loving Swain though… a whole new set of friends I never would have met otherwise. Louden Swain brings people together and I will be forever grateful to them for that alone.”

Courtesy of Kelsi Sickmann Photography

Beth (@comet9443): “Their music has helped get me through what’s turned out to be one of the hardest years I’ve ever dealt with. In March, I lost my Dad and in April (just 6 weeks later) my 15 year old dog (who I’d adopted at 6 months and had gotten me through so, so much) had to be put down. Without their music and their social media posts, I don’t know where I’d be. They give me hope, they let me know I’m not alone, and heck, not one is hard to look at.! But they truly have saved me this year and I can never thank them enough for that.”

Lindsey (@lindseyiam): “I love Louden Swain because they made me rediscover my love and appreciation for music. I always enjoyed music growing up, but there were quite a few years in my life where my relationship with music became a bit distant for whatever reason. Listening to Louden Swain changed all of that for me, and I would definitely credit it to how very talented they are and how diverse their music is. Also, I love how much I sincerely enjoy all of their albums and songs. I don’t feel the need to ‘skip around’ through albums when listening to them, I want to listen to every single song from start to finish.”

Brittany (@tasteofmyhominy): “There are so many reasons I could list but, to put it plainly, they have helped myself and others so much. They seem to have a song for every season of life and so many times the lyrics have been exactly what I needed to hear at that exact moment.

They are just genuinely good guys. Some of my favorite stories are from different guests who perform during the the Saturday Night Special with them at conventions. Almost, if not all of them have a story about how they didn’t think they could ever sing or play in front of an audience for one reason or another and how playing specifically with Louden Swain has helped them find their confidence and voice.

It’s such a testament to this amazing band that not only are they talented entertainers themselves but they have created the type of environment where people who are not musicians are comfortable enough to share the stage with them and step out of their comfort zone. They are all such stunning musicians and I feel so lucky that their music is in my life. I’m a better me because of them.”

Sarah (@wyldefandom): “They are amazing, kind, funny and down to earth guys.  You can tell they all genuinely enjoy what they do.  What you hear on the albums is what you hear when you see them live, which is important to me.  The fact that they are putting out an acoustic album gives me chills when listening to an acoustic song it has so much emotion and makes the song feel intimate.  When they are on stage performing their energy is infectious you can’t help but let the music and lyrics take over and connect to the moment you’re in.”

Paige (@lightinmychest): “Their music is wonderful, they are good to their fans, and they’re just good guys.”

Niki (@DarlingNiki): “Louden Swain brought me some of my best friends. One of my newest tattoos is a green kazoo, and it is my only colored tattoo. I chose it because it was representative of my friends AND Swain, and they both brought color back into what was feeling like a somewhat bleak existence.”

Karyl (@karylannegeary): “I love their music, their sound, how they relate to their fans, how I’ve found a family among other fans. I love how they’re all genuinely good people and how willing they are to keep pushing themselves to improve. There’s something intangible that makes a band really special, and they have it in spades.”

Sara (@altsunthinkable): “I owe these guys so much. Their music has helped me through a lot of different times in my life in the last 5 years. It’s been there for me through loss, depression and through fun and happy times as well. They’re always so happy to see their fans whether the fan is a familiar face or a newcomer. I love that Mike always looks forward to me having a postcard for the band to sign, that Billy always reminds me to travel safely, that Stephen always asks when he’s going to see me next, that Rob knows we can’t go a con weekend without a hug op. But beyond all of that… becoming a Swainer literally changed my life. I have an incredible group of friends now that I have met through being a Swain fan. These friends make me feel accepted, loved, and supported and have been there for me through some pretty tough times. Just like Supernatural has created something special among their fans with the SPNFamily, Swain has done the same with their fans. There are some really amazing people in my life now that I would never have met if it wasn’t for Louden Swain.”

Amanda (@BandagedLetdown): “I love Louden Swain because of their talent, and because of how much happiness they bring to not only myself, but to my friends. I love how relatable their songs are, and how they encourage you to find your own meaning in their lyrics. I love how Rob will stop in the middle of a sentence when someone yells, “I love you,” to say it back. I love how Stephen is so responsive to fans on social media. I love how Billy sometimes starts side conversations with fans during the Swain meet and greets. I love how Mike can turn someone’s day around by simply smiling at them.”

Courtesy of Mandi Lea Photography

Holly (@AccioAwesome): “They have music I love as well as an ever-evolving style. They’re very accessible to fans and seem like really genuine, great guys.”

Vera (@raths_kitten): “Louden Swain is my favorite band, because they tell actual stories with their songs. It’s not just a bunch of words to go with a beat, but the songs matter. They inspire me to write or they just make me feel better after a shit day, or make me laugh more on a good day or motivate me to get going in the morning. I have a few choice songs for choice moments by now. I also recently really deeply bonded with some fellow fans over a twitter group and I am forever grateful that Swain is the reason we all connected in the first place, only to discover we have so much more in common.”

Elise (@broadwayswain): “They’re just a really good group of guys who are just good people. They’re so good to their fans and are just as loyal to them as we are to the band, if that makes any sense. Their music is relatable no matter what mood you are feeling. They have very playable music, so doing a cover of their songs is a breeze because you know to tune your guitar half a step down.”

Amanda (@AmandaC0124): “How relatable and real they are. I love that they don’t pay somebody to write their songs for them and that the songs almost all have a story or a personal connection to them that we can all relate to. In my opinion, that makes them extra special.”

Angélique (@Angie_Voyage): “All the songs have a meaning, sometimes it’s just happy and cool, sometimes it’s really deep. I also love the fact that they always try new things, like the acoustic album, but even before, in concert or on Stageit. They are really close to their fans, they always answer us and it’s nice.”

Brandy (@horrorlovingirl): “We have four men with different looks and seemingly different personalities who have found a way to be unique and cohesive. That is rare. Musically, they are brilliant. In my heart I know that they belong on a big stage, they have what it takes to be on a big stage, but they’ve stayed indie and true to who they are. They are passionate and they love what they do. But, they also love who they do it for. They are just as dedicated to their fans as their fans are to them. They don’t ever dial it in. There is an inexplicable but genuine connection that they’ve created. They have the ability to get hundreds of people to play the kazoo simultaneously. How many bands can say that?”

Julieta (@poptartheartt): “I love music in general, a lot, but this is the second time I have fell in love with a band, and not only because the music is special, but also because the kind of people they all are. The meaning of the songs, the feelings they sing about. The band is so powerful, so pure and so wonderful and deserve to be recognised worldwide but at the same time they must be loved, respected and appreciated like they deserve, so I feel quite honoured to know them now that they are important and amazing for us who truly love them. I love Louden Swain because they heal me, make me strong, make me happy, the music is beautiful, make me feel alive and I’m glad those four guys got together to work that magic.”

Rachael (@NessaNight): “I love Louden Swain because their songs have a way of getting me out of my own head. I overthink everything and have a lot of anxiety issues and listening to the songs distracts me from whatever was bothering me.”

Sarah (@SharksandSwain): “I’ve made lifelong friends and feel more at home with the people I’ve met through the band more than I ever have in my life. They are incredibly kind, genuine, and welcoming to all of their fans. Whether I’m excited or sad or driven or heartbroken or ready to kick some ass or anything in between, Louden Swain has a song for that. I’ve traveled so much and broken out of my comfort zone and had experiences I never thought I could have and, in hindsight, can’t imagine my life without. I have a renewed drive for art and I’m constantly being inspired with new ideas because of them. I found where I belong because of them.”

Charlotte (@Charlot74714899): “Their obvious born talent with the instruments they play and their passions and love for performing is infectious and has inspired me to pick up the guitar (still VERY beginner though). Not only this, but the raw emotion and vulnerability to their music is so relatable and beautiful to see on the stage.”

Sam (@Honeybeemish): “I love their music, I love their lyrics, I love each of the band members. They are all personable, amazing and kind. Rob is open about what he’s been through and that we all struggle, but he loves us and we have a family in each other. They’ve brought me to some people I’m lucky enough to now call my best friends. Their music heals, celebrates and is cherished. I’m proud to call myself a fan.”

Sandra (@poptartswain): “Many, many reasons and since I’m not even remotely eloquent enough to do my feelings for Swain justice I’m not even gonna try. Their music is there for me when no one else is. I love them dearly.”

Chris (@Chris_afec): “They are CRAZY talented, absolute sweethearts. Their music is inspiring, moving, funny, motivating, heartbreaking, life-affirming. (not necessarily all at the same time.) And more importantly, it’s really fucking good. Also because none of them judged me (at least out loud) when I said “Love the new song, it’s amazing!” right after they had released….Amazing.”

Laurie (@LauriePriemen): “They are amazing artists, but they’re also a close group of friends who have been sticking together for years and I value that more than anything. They inspire me, not only with their music but also by being the beautiful people they are.”

Helen (@mywaywardsonsuk): “I love them because they are all such great and talented guys and their music means a great deal to me on a personal level. It’s like their writing and performing the soundtrack to my life. I really hope I can see them live again some day.”

Shannon (@reelnerdy): “They are a talented group of guys with a great selection of songs.”

Judy (@JayeEmm): “It (obviously) starts with the music. They have such a varied back catalog of songs, yet they all seem to resonate with me in one way or another. Lyrics that at different times can break your heart, make you laugh, or recognize yourself and feel a little less alone. Music that makes you want to dance or maybe fight a dragon – or just sit perfectly still and listen because it’s so beautiful. And to top that off with this music being made by four such truly good people who are so kind to their fans  – it’s just a rare combination.  I feel very thankful that watching this TV show sent me to a convention where I discovered this band.  Their music has changed my life for the better.”

April (@AprilVian): “They’re all insanely talented to begin with. I find their music to be very relatable and really well done. In addition, every member of the band seems to be genuine and humble, they appreciate their fans and their passion for their work is obvious.”

Veronica (@veronica_bum): “I love this band because of how welcome they make me feel. I’ve always felt like the ‘odd duck’ wherever I go. When I’m at a convention for the concert or at a non-convention show, I know I’m among friends and i feel welcomed and like I belong to something. I have Rob, Billy, Mike, and Stephen to thank for that. They brought me together with some amazing people and I wouldn’t change a single moment since i started considering myself a Louden Swain ‘fan’. Even when I’m not at a show, if I put in my headphones or put Louden Swain on in the car or through speakers, the lyrics and the emotion that Rob puts in to the songs reminds me that I’m not alone.”

Jess (@JessHawden): “They are the most genuine guys I have ever met who have nothing but time and love for everyone they see. Their music is so inspiring and helps so many through difficult times in their lives. I love the way they welcome their Supernatural friends to join them on stage during the SNS and how they encourage them and give them the space and opportunity to shine on stage. I love the way their faces light up in happiness and pride throughout the performance.”

Courtesy of Mandi Lea Photography

We all love Louden Swain for different reasons. For their music, their lyrics, who they are as people and for their kindness to us, the fans. It’s been incredible to watch the bond between the band and the fans. Fans who have made lifelong friends because of the band’s music, and have shared their love throughout this series. Thank you, again, to everyone who has followed along with this series and participated!

Make sure to go and purchase Louden Swain’s new acoustic album, Splitting the Seams, on October 26!

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