Kings of Con Series: Our Staff’s Favorite Moments

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Welcome to Part 2 of our Kings of Con series! If you missed part 1, which was an introduction to the series, you can read it here! For this part, our staff will be giving you our favorite moments from the series! Stay tuned for part 3, which should launch on Wednesday.

Episode 1 – “Whippany, NJ”

Right out of the gate is one of our very favorite moments, and one of the most quotable scenes in the entire series. Rob, who was recently served divorce papers, gets a visit from Rich. Rob’s standing outside of his house, in a bathrobe, as Rich pulls up to try and cheer up his best friend, as Rob is as Rich puts it, “sad sacking it.” Well, Rob delivers one of our favorite lines of the entire season during this conversation. Rob’s talking about how all he does now is appear at conventions, and Rob says “I’m an actor. Like, I went to acting school. For acting.” It sets the tone for what the rest of the series will be like.. and one that fans easily still quote to this day. – Briar

The opening when Rich pulls up to Rob’s house to pick him up for the airport.  Rob and Rich are amazing together and play off each other so well; I could totally see this as an actual conversation and situation between them. – Nicole

In our introduction to the KoC version of Rich and Rob, that first interaction and banter between them had me laughing in tears. – Sarah

It was a small joke, but I love the scene where Rob and Rich were in a bar and Rob was trying to point out a pretty woman, stating her position by time, leading to confusion and Rob’s frustrated “That’s like 15 minutes ahead!”. I laughed til I cried and then I played it again. And again. – Emily

I loved in the premiere episode when it first becomes apparent that Matt’s character is a complete big headed jerk. It was so fun to watch Matt play a complete opposite version of himself and he was so great. – Emily


Episode 2 – “Whippany, NJ 2 – Still Whipping”

During this episode, Rob is at breakfast with the fan he had slept with. During their conversation, Rob gets up, stating that he needed to add breakfast to his room’s bill, which the fan replies that she knows what room he’s in and what his alias is. The fan replies, “You’re Hugh. Hugh Janis,” to which Rich claps Rob on the back and smirks saying, “He sure as shit is.” This is one of the great bits between Rob and Rich, and a sign of how great the comedy is to come between them. It’s also one fans have been quoting as their favorite moment over and over again. – Briar

Another favorite moment during this episode is when Rich, Sue, Matt, Osric, Maury and a janitor all pull Rob into the closet to try and talk some sense into him. They all deliver some great lines here, which really make the audience laugh, and it’s fun to see so many of them in a scene together. This is also where Maury delivers a line that will be used in the rest of the series, “WWBKD?” (What would Bernie Kopell Do). It’s just such a great scene. – Briar

I love the janitorial closet scene of episode one. As the crew intervenes after Rob slept with a fan, the comedic timing of everyone in the closet is spot on. The janitor even gets in on the drama, though he has no idea what is happening. Kim’s sarcastic character really shines here and her hilarious line, “She got in, she got off, maybe, and got out. End of story,” had me gasping for breath. – Brianna


Episode 3 – “Pasadena, CA”

I love the divorce proceedings with Alaina Huffman in the courthouse. That whole scene was absolute gold. – Nicole

I loved seeing Alaina Huffman as Rob’s wife. I adored her in Supernatural so getting to see her again was a wonderful surprise. – Deb

In this episode is one of the stories that Rob and Rich always say actually happened; they were staying at a hotel for a convention and Rich was in room number 911 and when Rob dialed his room, he didn’t press the number to dial inside the hotel so he called the real 911 and the cops ended up showing up. It’s a hilarious scene between them, and I love it when Rob and Rich point fingers at each other to blame each other for the incident! – Briar

I love when Rob accidentally forgets to press 7 and calls the real 911.  Then the cops show up and arrest him, and it’s fun especially since one of the cops is Mitch Pileggi. – Sarah

One of my favorites is when Rob accidentally called 911 from the hotel instead of dialing 7 in front of Richard’s room number, which was coincidentally 911, and the real police showed up! It was made even funnier with Richard immediately blowing Rob’s cover when the cops asked if he knew where Rob was. – Gisselle

Rob accidentally dial 911 rather than calling Rich’s hotel room # 911 was one of my favorites. Rob mocks the court officer from earlier in the episode while on stage, and it is recorded, mistaken for his hating all cops and of course goes viral online. I was raised around law enforcement, and his misdialing had me crying laughing as I anticipated the repercussions of what was to come.  I was not disappointed. The entire scenario was flawlessly executed. – Brianna

One of the more endearing parts of the show also comes from episode 3; Rob is in the car with Marnie, his ex-wife, after she bailed him out of jail. It’s a tender and sweet moment when Rob apologizes for how he has been acting, and it really shows the heart and vulnerability of the character. While we love the funny moments, it’s also a great reminder of Rob and Rich’s writing at how dynamic these characters are and you really feel for Rob in this moment. – Briar


Episode 4 – “Bellevue, WA”

Right from the start, we get to see Gil McKinney’s character, Chip, in this episode. I love Chip’s innocence and how excited he is to be there. He is just a really sweet character!- Briar

Also in this episode, we’re introduced to Josh Meyers as Kent O’Grady. Kent’s outrageous and one of the best parts is when the entire cast is sitting down to eat, and Kent asks about the Au Gratin potatoes and proceeds to clean the entire plate! Watching all of the other actors reactions to it is hilarious! Rob makes a fun joke later in the episode with a play on the Au Gratin potatoes and Kent O’Grady’s name. It’s pure comedic gold. – Briar

Later on in the episode, Rob is up in Kent O’Grady’s room to talk to him, and he corners Rob, and takes his ascot (which he said has his musk on it) and rubs it all over Rob. Rob’s reaction is hilarious, and I’d love to see how many takes Rob had to do before he could keep a straight face! – Briar

Episode 5 – “Burnsville, MN”

In this episode is easily one of our favorite moments from the entire season; Rich and Matt working out. Matt plays a character so opposite of his actual self that it’s so much fun to watch. In this scene, Rich asks for Matt’s help to work out because he’s booked a commercial in which he’ll need to be shirtless and Matt puts him through a vigorous workout, one which Rich can’t recover from the next day. Rich is unable to move his arms, which leads to a bunch of great moments such as Rich failing to get out of bed, Rich asking Rob to help him go to the bathroom, and watching Rich trying to conduct a panel with no arms. It’s so fun to watch! – Briar

The Burnsville, MN episode has Rich enlist Matt’s help to get him in shape for a national commercial spot. Matt works Rich so much that he literally cannot move his arms the next morning. When room service enters his room, the waiter says “I’ve got the chorizo you ordered!” and sees Rich lying on the floor, unable to move, completely buck naked. Not only is that hilarious in itself, but the waiter’s line is a shout out to Gabriel’s line “I’ve got the kielbasa you ordered!” in Supernatural season 5. – Margaret

Matt and Rich working out together.  I think I rewinded that scene about 25 times, and was laughing so hard I had tears pouring out of my eyes. – Nicole

The segment where Matt attempts to train Rich in the gym for a commercial where he has to take his shirt off.  After, he can’t move his arms which causes some hilarious moments. – Sarah

I loved Matt helping Rich exercise. – Finn

I loved Richard getting Matt to help him work out, but then being too sore to get out of bed properly the next day, much less cover his naked body from room service! – Gisselle

Rich exercising with Matt, and consequently being too sore to move his arms was one of the most hilarious moments for me. Matt’s hysterical training session and attempted workout motivations had me in stitches! Rich’s inability to use his arms gave my stomach a workout from all the laughter. – Brianna

Rob refusing to help Rich go to the bathroom was amazing. – Finn

One of my favorite Kings of Con moments is something I shared with my husband. I watched the show once on my own, then invited my husband to watch it with me when I started it a second time, and I’m so glad I did!
When Rich wakes up the morning after working out and can’t move his upper body enough to actually answer the phone, my husband laughed harder than I have ever heard him laugh before! In fact, he laughed so hard his laughter turned into this weird high-pitched sound that I had never heard him make before in six years of marriage! I’ve still yet to hear him laugh like that again! – Tricia


Episode 6 – “Franklin, TN”

In this episode, we get to see the addition of Mandy Musgrave – Matt Cohen’s actual wife – play Stella. It was really fun to see the interaction between them, especially when Stella was supposed to be attracted to Rob at first. This made for some great moments between the real-life pair! Rob also delivers a great line while talking to Matt and Stella, yelling “Shakespeare, bitches!” – Briar

Rob really kills it in this episode, especially when he starts singing “Danny Boy.” I absolutely love that while Rob is singing, Matt is watching intently and says, “I don’t like it.” Rich replies, “the song?” Matt says, “No, how much I like him right now.” – Briar

One of the best parts is, “Combo 3 is a no-go, Rich.” Rob is trying to figure out the combo of substances that he thinks made him ‘cool,’ and he’s wheeled passed Rich on a gurney and says this. I don’t know why this one got me so much because it’s kind of tossed in there casually and it works because of Rob and Rich’s amazing comedic timing. I laughed so hard at this that my kids came into the living room to see what was wrong with me. That happened multiple times when watching the series. – Tanya

Rob taking a combination of drugs that turned him into Casanova. I lost it when he began singing “Danny Boy”. – Emily

“Combo 3’s no good Rich!” – Finn

At the end of the episode is also one of our favorite moments; one between Rich and Carly (Lindsay Sloane). You see the two and how close they were during the episode, and during a moment at the end, Rich asks, “What happened with us?” You can see the vulnerability in this moment for Rich, and their interactions are really sweet. – Briar

Richard and Carly’s flirting and hint at a potential relationship developing between them was really sweet; I would have liked to see how that progressed! – Gisselle

I think one of my favorites, the one that stands out the most to me, is Rob waking up in Rome.  Just the sheer ridiculousness and hilarity that Rob wakes up in Rome and he didn’t even know where he was! And then while on the phone with Rich, turns around, looks at the Colosseum and says, “some kind of stadium.” – Melanie


Episode 7 – “Littleton, CO”

In this episode, the crew celebrates Halloween. Rob and Rich ask for aspirin, and Serge (Sebastian Roché) gives them some, later to find out it was erectile disfunction pills. This causes Rob and Rich to try and hide certain parts of their costumes, and it’s so great. – Briar

I loved practically every line uttered by Serge (played by Sebastian Roché) in the Littleton, CO episode. He’s an “expert” on everything and has someone on speed dial to back him up on every fact. Regarding the aphrodisiac powers of peach mimosas, “It’s true! Ask him!” pointing to a photo on his phone. And about make-up artists, “Did you know make-up artists have the best bottoms? It’s true! Ask him,” showing another phone pic. “That’s Liam – Liam is the premiere make-up artist for bottom models.” – Margaret

I loved any scene with Sebastian Roché. The man is a comedic genius and his over the top portrayal of himself kept the laughter flowing. – Deb


Episode 8 – “Plano, TX”

At the beginning of the episode, we see Rob and Rich going to check into their hotel and use their aliases. Rich uses “Heywood Jablowme” and Rob uses “Pat MaCrotch”. It’s so much fun to watch their interaction with the hotel staff and the names they give them, and to see what Rob and Rich come up with!- Briar

Hearing Rich’s and Rob’s aliases they use at hotels to prevent “fandom chaos” is hilarious. Rob ruined his “Hugh Janus” alias in episode 1 of the series. So he now books rooms under “MaCrotch. Pat MaCrotch.” And Rich? “Jablowme…first name Heywood.” – Margaret

One of my absolute favorite parts in this episode is Gil McKinney. His character, Chip, is at the birthday party for a daughter of a fan, and they’re talking about their favorite songs and Taylor Swift. Gil recites a few Taylor Swift lyrics, and it’s just the best part of this entire episode! – Briar

Gil McKinney as Chip. Pretty much any scene with Gil as Chip was amazing. I especially loved the birthday party they end up crashing and Gil starts to sing (he has an amazing voice as we all know) and gets cut off. Cut to him sitting cross-legged gossiping with the teenaged girls. There were so many double entendres and meta-references in that episode – Rich’s misinterpretation of what’s going on, the audience expecting Gil to have a singing scene and then it being cut, etc. It really exemplified what was brilliant about the series. -Tanya

Chip bonding with the teenagers over Taylor Swift was the best. – Finn

I loved the scene with Rich and Michael Cudlitz – I loved the slick banter that Rich used to get him out of a beating at the giant hands of Cudlitz. – Deb


Episode 9 – “Las Vegas, NV”

Rob and Rich discover they got married and this whole episode is gold. The rest of the cast throws Rob and Rich a reception, and Rich loves all of the gifts he’s getting, to Rob’s dismay. Everyone is convinced Rich is really in love with Rob, which leads to a sweet moment between the two later in the episode. Rob and Rich talk, and Rich ends up asking, “Am I gonna die alone?” It’s one of those moments in the show where you really get to see the heart of the two characters. – Briar

There’s also a really great moment when Kim Rhodes’ character, Sue, confronts Rob in the hotel kitchen, telling him she’s in love with him and then kisses him. This was so much fun to watch! – Briar

The infamous kiss/bite between Kim (as Sue) and Rob. I mean, I think we all love Rob, right? – Tanya

Kim Rhodes confessing her love for Rob and the kiss that followed, tongue biting included was priceless. – Deb

Honestly, I love every sarcastic comment Sue (Kim Rhodes) makes! – Sarah

Anything featuring Sue (Kim Rhodes) and her sarcasm is my favorite. – Hailee

Any scene with Kim Rhodes’ Sue is my favorite! – Gisselle

I loved when Rob and Rich wake up after an obvious night of partying and discover not only do they wake up in the same room, they are married!  – Sarah

The entire Las Vegas episode was brilliant. While the basic premise was hilarious, I thought the scenes where Rich reveals exactly why he’s not in a hurry to annul the marriage were extremely sweet and well done. – Emily

I loved the entire Vegas episode. The drunk marriage between Rich and Rob, and Rich reaping the benefits of weddings gifts, was honestly hilarious. – Gisselle

The scene in the greenroom during the Vegas episode was hilarious.  Actually , this entire episode had me laughing beginning to end. – Deb

Episode 10 – “Arlington, VA

This episode features a fun interaction with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, who play Justin and Jaden, as Rob and Rich buy photo op after photo op to try and pitch them a show. Justin and Jaden don’t know who Rob and Rich are, so it’s fun to see the Rob and Rich in different photo op poses as they try to pitch the show! – Briar

The entire plot to the Arlington, VA, was great. Rich and Rob buy photo ops with Justin and Jaden (played by Jared and Jensen) to pitch them an idea for a TV show. But since each photo op lasts about 15 seconds, they have to purchase thousands of dollars worth of ops to tell their whole pitch. Seeing them run through all the “typical” poses (Awkward Prom, Angry Cop, Squishy Bear, etc.) while Rich and Rob are frantically pitching their idea is hilarious! – Margaret

I loved the entire scene where Rob and Rich buy the photo ops to explain the plot of their new show. I loved seeing all of the random and funny poses they came up with. The bloopers for this scene make it even better! – Hailee

Misha Collins also appears in this episode as Doug, when Rob video chats with him and Doug is cooking with a monkey on his back. It’s fun to see Rob and Rich’s friends come in to do the show, and how fun their interactions are! – Briar

Also in this episode is a fun nod to the entire series; Rob and Rich’s characters come up with the idea to pitch a show about the two of them doing conventions! – Briar

It’s easy to see we love this show. We love this cast. We love the crew.  

My final moment is less a moment, and more the entire subject of the show. Addressing fans, the fandom and cons with flawless grace, Rob and Rich never once make fun of the fans. Instead, they show the hilarious behind the scene lives of themselves and the shenanigans that the fans never see. Fans are the driving force of the con, and are used the progress the story rather than the butt of the jokes. I applaud them for creating such a delightful, hilarious show! – Brianna

I was also really late to the show and fandom, but I’ll never forget the love I could see from the fans, cast and crew.  I could tell before I even watched the first episode that it was something special and cherished. – Melanie

Fans and fandom culture was parodied and satirized without making fans the butt of the jokes. This series was brilliant at not “punching down,” or making fun of those who are often seen as having less power than the content creators. – Tanya

The fans are loved and appreciated. No one makes fun of them at all. Watching the show as a fan makes you feel so special. – Hailee

As much as they joked about fandom and conventions, it was never rude or mean spirited.  They care about the fans and appreciate them and it was very evident in every episode of the show. – Nicole

We could honestly write forever on our favorite moments. Our favorite, however, is just that they really get the fans. They don’t make fun of them, or use them for a cheap joke. It’s what means the most to us.

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